If you drive to (or thru) New Mexico beware of the ONE GUN laws here
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Thread: If you drive to (or thru) New Mexico beware of the ONE GUN laws here

  1. If you drive to (or thru) New Mexico beware of the ONE GUN laws here

    If you have a CCW that New Mexico honors, and you are traveling to or thru New Mexico, be aware that this state has a one gun concealed law except for police officers. You can not carry a back up pistol in New Mexico. We are the only state that I know of that has a law like this.
    Beware - this law has 'teeth'. It is a 4th class felony here and if you get convicted they will immediately and happily report your felony to NCIS and any where else, FBI, etc.
    A felony might (?) affect your ability to get a CCW from any state in the future and may affect your future rights as a gun owner.

    Posted places, like many restaurants, businesses and some Walmart/Sams/Targets/Malls etc also have 'teeth'. You may not just be asked to leave, you can also be arrested in New Mexico for carrying in a posted business.
    Once again, this is a felony if convicted here.

    Our Guv and legislators are rabidly anti 2nd amendment here!
    If you get into an actual shooting situation, the courts are heavily against gun owners and often favor criminals, especially illegals.

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    Interesting that you list Walmart and Sam's as posted. The company has a policy to follow state law so it you are legally able to carry, you can carry in their stores.

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  4. We have 2 Walmarts and1 Sam's in Santa fe.
    1 Walmart and the Sam's Club are posted, and 1 Walmart is not.
    Here is my response to corporate Walmart:
    Sam's and/or Walmart can post against concealed carry if you want to but NM
    > HB588-2007 ALLOWS carry into any establishment that sell alcohol for
    > off-site consumption and you are incorrectly citing an old, no longer valid
    > (as of 2007), out of date law.

    I e-mailed corporate and here is their confusing reply

    You are correct, the 2007 amendment to NM Law Section 30-7-3 allows for
    > Concealed Carry only with proper permits. Our notification shows that
    > exception to the law.

  5. We once had a great country.
    Liberalism has destroyed that, and there is no mature coordinated force to counterattack and reclaim the greatness that was once America.


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    state law limits concealed carry license holders to carrying one concealed gun at any given time. However, any number of firearms can be openly carried. [N.M. Admin. Code §]
    “An armed society is a polite society.”

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