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    Quote Originally Posted by Scarecrow View Post
    another +1 for the smart carry. you don't have to change your shorts for this one.. and it also gives you a pouch for an extra mag.. I use it daily and love it. it's comfortable and keeps your piece in front.
    Another BIG Plus for "Smartcarry"-- SC heat/humidity is brutal and the "Smartcarry" is my choice for summer HEAT and clothing.

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    Screaming Fanny Packs...

    Quote Originally Posted by G50AE View Post
    Get a German one that way when it screams gun most people won't understand it. I've never heard a fannypack scream anything. Where do people get these screaming fanny packs?

    Voodo Tactical makes a great pack (Ergo Pack)...got mine from Sportsmans Guide its awesome since it has a conceal compartment with a holster and magazine pouch in hte back...then all sorts of places to put stuff and molle strips too. I live in MA and use this as my "man-bag" during the week running around town (subway and bus) then use it as my pistol bag on the weekend at the range. super versatile and has everything you need for the gun. Just a tad bigger than a Fanny Pack, although it does not speak German :o)

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    +1 for the cargo shorts. I live in GA and have lived in NM and western TX, and from TN. I know about heat and humidity. I personally find cargo shorts to be comfortable when running around town doing errands in the middle of summer heat.

    When you think about it, how much are you really victim to the actual outside? For me "running around" means driving from this place to that place than getting out of the car and going in the air conditioned building than back to the car for another short trip. By the time I get to my next stop the car has cooled off and cooled me down a little (recharge if you will) Ohh btw I use a Kholster for CC and a Black hawk serpa for OC it just depends on which gun I carry SW99 or XD40. Dont get me wrong I have worked in the summer heat and humidity in TN in cargo shorts and a Tshirt with my Kholster on and actually sweated through the leather and soaked my gun but after a cleaning on both items you wouldnt know it today.

    I am now looking for a way to carry while I "try" and run out doors. Any suggestions would be appreciated i do have the wifes Jframe 38 spl +p available for carry when I want to run. I figured these suggestions would work towards the OP clothing attire also.
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  5. You can carry this without a holster

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    I guess if I pinned one of those silly CCW Badges on my fanny pack, it would then start screaming.

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