Hello, what a choice !
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Thread: Hello, what a choice !

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    Hello, what a choice !

    Hi all, I am no stranger to guns, but I am FINALLY going for my CCW this Saturday @ Ben Avery through Rick Barkett. Here is my dilemma..... since Az has a hot/sweltering climate, I tend to wear basketball shorts (stretch elastic waist), and oversized t shirts almost everyday. I have been doing extensive research, and the only holster I can see so far that will fit comfortable (by photos) is the belly band, or Galco's version of it. I do not like fanny packs since it screams GUN ! My only holster so far is the Blackhawk Serpa CQC which is nice, but I want more of a tactical advantage Anyone here that uses a belly band and wears almost what i wear year round ? I am packing a Glock 23 by the way. Thanks in advance.

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    I have a belly band, but I don't care for it very much. You might want to look into one of the 5.11 holster shirts to wear under your T-shirt. They fit very tight, like stretch under armor, and keep the gun tucked under your armpit nicely. Another option might be the Smart Carry setup, which goes over your underwear but under your basketball shorts.
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    +1 for the SmartCarry with your clothing choice. The concealment T's are nice too, but the heat in AZ may count against wearing two shirts.

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    You may not like to hear this, but you need to dress around the gun. Get some cargo shorts about 1-2 inches too big in the waist and get a good IWB holster. I recommend the crossbreed supertuck.

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    Thumbs up +1 to Jes.

    The fact is, now that you are carrying a firearm, there are other pieces of equipment that are imperative. because you are carrying a semi automatic handgun, you will probably want to carry an extra magazine or two.

    Second, a small tactical style flashlight should be high on your list, especially considering that most self defense firearm discharges occur at night. You own every bullet that comes out of the muzzle; a light will help you know for sure that the person you are shooting at is a bad guy. Also, it gives you a tactical advantage against an assailant with a gun by blinding them and compromising their night vision.

    However, the most important piece of equipment is a cell phone. If you have to choose between an extra magazine and a cell, choose the cell every time. If, lord forbid, you have to draw your weapon, call the police immediately and report it. Even if you did not discharge the weapon; even if you think there were no other witnesses. If you call and report an incident, you will be considered a lawful gun user by the system; after all, you called them. If you don't call and report it, you are illegally brandishing a firearm. The bad guy might even be the one to call, and I guarantee when the police arrive, he or she will not have a weapon.

    Congrats on your CCW!
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    +1 Jes .... I live in central Texas and it's always pushing 100 during the summer, when a t-shirt and cargo shorts are pretty much all I wear ... my Kahr PM-9 fits perfectly in the front pocket, in a Nemesis or Mika pocket holster ... dump the shorts you're wearing and get something more suitable for carry ...
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    another +1 for the smart carry. you don't have to change your shorts for this one.. and it also gives you a pouch for an extra mag.. I use it daily and love it. it's comfortable and keeps your piece in front.
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    I use a fanny pack a lot in hot weather but then again I don't really care if anyone figures out that there may be a gun inside. If you don't like the regular fanny packs there are other less obvious ones like the safe packer that goes on you belt and has a more vertical ride to it than most fanny packs. Check out there web site.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jay9928 View Post
    I do not like fanny packs since it screams GUN !
    Get a German one that way when it screams gun most people won't understand it. I've never heard a fannypack scream anything. Where do people get these screaming fanny packs?

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    Talking too funny

    Quote Originally Posted by G50AE View Post
    Get a German one that way when it screams gun most people won't understand it. I've never heard a fannypack scream anything. Where do people get these screaming fanny packs?
    Glock Carrier in SC.


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