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  1. renew permit??

    i live in kentucky and have my ccdw permit, it is now time to renew for another 5 years for $70. however kentucky passed a law starting on July 1st that a permit isn't needed to carry conceal. my only problem is that i go to Tennessee about 4-5 times a month to shop, each time lasting about 3-5 hours. Tennessee allows carry in my vehicle without a permit but not on me, so if i go there without a permit the gun stays in the car. so my question is if you were on a tight budget like me with a fixed income would you renew for the trips to tennessee?, or would you not renew as i can carry in kentucky open or concealed without a permit. and just keep the gun in the car in tennessee? thanks for any help.

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    Strictly YOUR personal preference.

    I acknowledge the income challenge, but if you do the math, it works out to $14 per year to renew, you just have to pay it all up front.

    On the other side, you would still have you gun in the car in TN, and you car and parking lot is where you are mostly likely to be robbed, carjacked, etc. I'm thinking grocery, wal-mart parking lots. Assuming you are retired so you are not out shopping at night, but in the middle of the day.
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  4. I went and decided to get my renewal, I go into tennessee some so it would be better with it. did the online way and says i'll have my new permit by the 22nd so pretty fast. the extra $10 is not bad as it would nearly take that much gas to get me up to the sheriffs office anyways, plus the form is easier to fill out doing it online. thanks

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