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  1. Church security Question/California

    Hello, my name is Alfredo Cortez I am the Pastor of church of Hope located in Aliso Viejo ,CA we I am having difficulty finding answers to my questions:

    1.I created a security team about 2years ago with some possessing a CCW license to carry a firearm. I know that CA is strict with regards to being at least 1000 feet away from any school campus regardless of possession of CCW. my question.
    1. Can my security team carry during church hours. The campus iwhere we meet has a private Christian school adjacent to the church but the school is not open on Sundays. its only open during the week.

    2. Must a church member possess a CCW license in order to carry a firearm *during* church hours? Or can they carry a firearm if I grant permission? Ex. Some of my Sunday school teachers are far away from the sanctuary away from where most of the security team are situated on a Sunday afternoon so I would feel more comfortable if they (teachers)had a firearm to defend the children should a threat occur. If I grant permission as the pastor can key members carry conceal during church hours.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you,
    Alfredo Cortez

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  3. I suggest you ask the office that regulates CCW or your state police for legal answer.

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  5. Church security Question/California

    i saw this and sent an email to my county’s (san bernardino)ccw dept.
    i asked
    “if i remember correctly, if my church has a school on property, i can’t carry no matter the distance between church and school correct?”

    and their answer:
    “That is correct.”

    Sarah Terrazas – OAIII
    San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department
    Employee Resources Division – CCW Unit

    **there used to a way to get an exemption to carry if you had approval from the superintendent but that exemption has since been removed

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