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  1. Pistol permit hearing

    I received a letter saying I had a hearing for my pistol permit set for a few days ago. I went and spoke to the judge and he brought up my charges from over 10 years ago I had a total of 6 for minor things disorderly conduct, underage drinking ect. He told me that they usually only let 3 minor charges go and that I would have to write him a letter explaining why I should be approved in spite of me having more than 3 arrests. I was just curious if anyone had been asked to write a letter like this and what the results were

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    Commyfornia, New Yankee, or other state where the constitution is null & void?
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  4. New York how’d you guess haha

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    I'm from NY and even my ears picked up on the Hitler like judge in your post.

    You can probably kiss your permit goodbye. Only residents that are filthy rich or connected to politics get permits in NY.

  6. He didn’t seem that bad I don’t have a permit yet he was just looking at my record from years ago and said he wanted a letter because usually they only let 3 minor convictions slip and I had 6 from 10 plus years ago for stupid things

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    Which county if you don't mind me asking?

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