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  1. Concealed carry western NY

    Good afternoon everyone. My wife and I are both interested in obtaining our right to carry concealed, in NY state this is hard to accomplish. From what I understand there is a section on the permit application for why you want to carry concealed. Otherwise you can only carry to and from target/event shooting.

    My wife and I live near a large patch of woods with all kinds of wildlife. We like to go for long walks in the warm months. Some of the local wildlife have tried to chase down small dogs in the past and we'd like to carry for that reason. (My wife has two small dogs)

    Honestly, I would like to carry all the time to protect my family, as I feel is a constitutional right, but apparently "protection" as areason is frowned upon as far as the permit is concerned. Can anyone help me think of another reason (per the permit) to be able to concealed carry?

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    Sorry you live in NYS where it's crazy. My son lives in NYS in Newburgh. He and his wife got full carry permits. I don't know what they put down but it comes down to the judge who reviews the app. We don't have to get a permit here but it is a good idea and I have mine. It's very easy to buy guns here and ammo. I would just suy what you need it for.

  5. I have the "almost" same situation. Any update from this? @TS

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