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Thread: Concealed Handgun Recommendations?

  1. I just bought an EC9s. I am really liking it.
    I have a shield and love it too. But the EC9 is just a tad smaller. Most of my shield holsters work for it.

    The trigger is really nice, I don't say that often.

    I have had the shield a few years, it is rock solid. The EC9 is new to me, but seems like a well built gun.

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    I just bought a Springfield Hellcat for the wife, we have not shot it due to the fire danger and virus, like the gun.

  4. I carry a Glock 43

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    My daughter carries ther G2C, wife carries a M85 Taurus 38spl, I carry a M692 Taurus in 9mm.
    They have been great for us. If you want to stay with a semiauto the G2C is a great choice for EDC. I moved to the revolver and carry it with 9mm.

  6. Glock 43

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