Brandish your firearm & the element of surprise

Unfortunately, the civil unrest in America seems to only be getting stronger.

The communist insurrectionists have officially leaked out of the major cities and into sleepy American towns like Kenosha - and it's just the beginning.

We've reached the point where armed citizens have to take the safety of themselves & their family into their own hands.

Having that said, it isn't wise to open carry right now.

This makes you a target for cowardly attacks from behind, which could lead to your firearm landing in the hands of the enemy.

Criminals aren't law-abiding, so you can't expect them to follow the law to attain firearms.

You need to be armed with not only your weapon but also the element of surprise.

I've said this many times before

>> Comfortably carry most guns

>> Disguise your firearm

>> Quickly access your weapon at a moment's notice
Shop the holster that best suits your needs below.

You need to be prepared for when the fight comes knocking on your door.

At this rate, it's only a matter of time...