CC Springfield XD9
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    CC Springfield XD9

    I'm looking for your opinion of the Springfield XD9 subcompact as a CC weapon.

    I've had a chance to fire the Springfield XD-M and love it. It's well-balanced, highly-accurate and quick to aim.

    However, I'm looking for a little smaller package for CC. The sub-compact XD9 looks like a great option. I've read good things about it in several online reviews.
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    That would be a great pistol to carry and conceal. Just make sure that you load it with ammo that's designed to expand reliably at the velocities attained from a 3" barrel. One good choice, and the one I use in my Kahr CW9, is Corbon's 115gr. 9mm +P DPX.
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    +1 on Gun & Ammo

    The SA XD9SC is a fine choice for CC, especially with premium personal protection ammo choices available today.

    Plenty of accessories for the XD, it's small enough to effectively and comfortably carry daily in a variety of carry methods/choices... and the XD's are good shooting guns. Good choice IMHO.

    If you try it and end up not liking it, let me know - I'll buy it from you!
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    If possible, do some shooting with the gun before you purchase it. The "sub compact" models tend to be a lot more "jumpy" than the "full size" or "compact" models. A good example would be the Glock 19 and Glock 26. A buddy of mine just sold me his Glock 26 because it was too difficult for him to accurately fire. He loves his Glock 19, but the Glock 26 proved to be a little too much for him.

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    I carried an XD-9 for several years...LOVED IT. Very easy to conceal, i just prefer a single stack magazine. Gives the gun a thinner profile. A CrossBreed IWB holster is the perfect holster. The only reason i don't carry it is i traded it straight across the board for a Kimber Ultra Carry II. I have been entertaining the thought of buying another one as a backup when i go downtown.

  7. That's my carry piece. Great gun, just the right size to conceal and very shootable--no issues WHATSOEVER with the three inch barrel making it "jumpy." There are also a decent amount of holsters available for it.

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    XD9 Compact

    I carry a XD9 Compact and its great. I use a shoulder holster I got from a Military surplus store. It works great under a baggy coat but is a bit too much for a light coat. Its great on my hip though and I like the accuracy of the 4 inch barrel vs. the 3 inch barrel. My friends have a few subcompacts and I dislike them because of the inaccuracy at 15 yds or more. Glock is always the best subcompact I have found.

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    Springfield XD-9

    I can't say enough about the XD 9 for concealed carry. I have carried one for the last 4 and a half years as my primary carry weapon. It is easy to hide, and a very reliable well built gun.
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    Great feedback guys! Awesome!

    Now, if I can just find one of these little XD babies somewhere...:
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    I found two at the local Bass Pro in .40 S&W. I'm holding out for 9mm so my wife and I can share ammo.
    My mind is a raging torrent, flooded with rivulets of thought cascading into a waterfall of creative alternatives.

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