Permit Holders Accessible?
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Thread: Permit Holders Accessible?

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    Permit Holders Accessible?

    Tennessee is presently expecting to make it punishable by fine to publish the names of permit holders. I was wondering which other states have done this and which states have to put up with public access to our permit status?
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    Florida CCW info can only be accessed by the holder's consent, or by law enforcement with a court order.

  4. In Ohio you can look at the record but cannot publish it. It was ugly but we got it passed.
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    SC protected permit holders last year. Not only did they make it illegal to publish names the law required anyone with a list to destroy it.
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    wonder how long it will last.. afterall I know obama would love to get rid of all ccw permits.
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    In Texas only police agencies have access.
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  8. There is now a bill before the House (House Bill 1623) to make this information not so readily accessible to just anyone. From what I have heard on the news, it did pass the House.


    On the House floor Friday, members approved HB 1623 by Rep. Randy Stewart, D-Kirby. The bill would make the names and other information of holders of permits to carry concealed handguns exempt from the Arkansas Freedom of Information Act.

    Stewart said he filed the bill after a weekly newspaper made a list of the state’s permit holders available to readers.

    “You apply for this … permit with a reasonable expectation of privacy. That’s why it’s called a concealed handgun,” Stewart said. The bill passed 98-1.

    SOURCE: AR News
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