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Thread: Unpaid Speeding Ticket and Carry Permit

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    Awww come on. Taxes are BS and illegal, yet you still fill out the tax forms and let them take it before you even SEE the check...you file religiously even though taxes are unconstitutional. Quit whining and pay the damn ticket. I was issued a ticket for expired registration even though the DMV took the money and didn't process my registration (paid with money order) for over 12 months. I fought it. I lost. I appealed. I lost again. I sued. I lost.

    It's probably better to pay it than to get a CCL and get arrested for that ticket WHILE CARRYING and having to get all the way back home to TN then fight to get your firearm back, which can cost money.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sdprof View Post
    I recently got an AZ permit in two weeks, mailbox to mailbox.
    I must have hit at a bad time. I waited by the mail box like I did when I was little waiting for the cheap ass bubble gum toy. Exactly 60 day's.

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