My first carry experience
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Thread: My first carry experience

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    My first carry experience

    Contentment.... my permit arrived at the courthouse on last Tuesday, exactly 2 weeks after I completed my application process.

    So, in lieu of having a new CCW handy yet, I opted to take a crack at carrying my S&W K-frame Model 19-4 with a 2" barrel. I had a Bianchi pancake holster OWB belt holster, and at 2:30 it tucks up on my gut perfectly, although it carries awful high this way. The bad side of this holster is the creaking noise it makes on my belt. If anyone has some good ideas on dealing with this, I'm all ears!

    A buddy of mine suggested I try carrying his Kimber CDP .45 for a few weeks in his Galco owb belt slide holster. Same position hides it best on my frame as well, although the safety kind of digs into me if I'm not wearing a t-shirt under it. I like the slightly thinner profile of the gun but the harder edges of it make it print more if I'm just wearing just a T-shirt without extra layers. The only other downside to the Kimber is the weight of it. Fully loaded it's about 2.4 lbs, which even with my 5.11 tactical belt, pulls it down. I decided to stick with the Smith when the weather is warmer, and to start shopping for a thin 9mm for warmer weather carry.

    I spent a number of hours fooling around with weapons at a gun show this weekend. My favorites in feel right now are the Kahr 9mm's, the Walther PPS, and the Kel-tec P11. For the money, I'm seriously considering the Kel-tec, as online reviews are extremely positive. I also really liked the Para-Ordinance Warthogs, despite their thicker handle. Having 11 rounds of .45 in that size package is pretty sweet stuff!

    Anyhow, if anyone has info to share on these 3 brands/pistols would be appreciated.

    I did find a really nice IWB holster for the S&W... talk about deep concealment, I can't spot it even if I try!

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    Quick update, ran out to Target tonight to do some shopping tonight, and my IWB holster pinched me something fierce! Ouch... the search for a comfy IWB holster continues. :sigh:

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    Try a Galco OWB at 4 o'clock. No pinch.

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    Kramer handgun leather

  6. I've tried every means of carrying inside my pants from every IWB holster I've found on a store shelf to the smart carry and none of them were something I felt comfortable wearing just a few minutes, never mind all day. Forget about sitting down. It may have something to do with you body type as plenty of people like IWB. I'm not what I'd consider "fat", but I'm not skinny either with more of an athletic build (6', 240lbs).

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    It might carry more comfortably if you were to replace your CDP with an Ultra CDP You might also consider replacing your carry with something like a Taurus PT-145. This is a small gun, Comfortable to shoot and totally reliable, at least mine is. If you ever get involved in a self defense shooting the police will take your gun for evidence. You may or may not get it back depending on the situation and what the prosecuting attorny decides to do. While I would hate loosing my gun ,even temporary, I'd much rather it be a $400.00 Taurus than a $1200.00 Kimber.
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    Take a look at the Mitch Rosen Gunleather line of holsters. Although my carry usually is in pocket with a small 380, I have a Mitch Rosen IWB for Kahr PM9 and it is the most comfortable IWB I have tried.

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    I use a Blade-Tech- Ultra Concealment (IWB) Holster set for the FBI Cant at 08:00 (I'm a confirmed "LEFTY"). It is so comfortable for me, I forget that it is there.

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    My favorite IWB is from high noon holsters for a g23. my other holster im usually wearing, including right now as im sitting on the couch typing, is a comp-tac kydex IWB and i cant really feel my gun on me. Both are extremely comfortable when worn at 4 oclock on my larger than id like waist. Both High noon and Comp-tac have some really great designs so im sure youd find something youd like there.

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