Road Rage Ends in Shootout on I-94
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Thread: Road Rage Ends in Shootout on I-94

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    Two drivers are facing multiple charges after a road rage incident on I-94.

    Authorities say it happenend around 2:15 Sunday morning in the eastbound lanes of I-94 near Van Dyke in Detroit, as both drivers headed into Macomb County.

    46-year-old Deion Griffin was with his wife and two adult daughters in a Dodge Stratus, and claim 31-year-old Dorian Hatchett was driving too close and threatening them.

    Hatchett says the Griffin swiped his car, and he was trying to get them to pull over. Both drivers say the other started firing first.

    Both cars have a number of bullet holes, but nobody was physically hurt.

    Investigators say both men were also driving drunk.


    It is also being reported that both of these "Gentlemen" were Michigan CPL Holders. Both drivers had family with them in their vehicles and both families were calling 911 at the same time.

    To view the news report video check the link and then click on this report in the video list.
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    Great. This is just what we need. There are already a lot of anti gunners that think this type of thing is what you can expect from CHL holders.
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    As I've stated before, not everyone should carry a gun.

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    I understand that Griffin's wife has a CPL.

    She did not fire her gun, but was found to be legally over the limit for alcohol while carrying.

    She will lose her CPL.

    I say good!
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    they both sound like they should lose their permit.. guns and alcohol don't mix.. I love guns and never let a drop of alcohol touch my lips. if they are not going to be responsable then they are idiots.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Scarecrow View Post
    ~ guns and alcohol don't mix.. I love guns and never let a drop of alcohol touch my lips. ~~
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    you're right ...... they WERE CCW permit holders. When it's all said and done, they won't be and deservedly so (if they are convicted of violation of the law) But like everyone has been saying - don't paint us all with the same brush.
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    Sounds like they weren't very good shots either!

  10. Well being over the limit does impair motor function.

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