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Thread: What Do You Carry?

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    Sarah Brady says carrying a gun indicates that a person believes our brave police can't protect us, and thus insults them. Now we wouldn't want to offend the police would we? I enjoy the security of knowing that they will investigate thoroughly, draw a chalk outline around my body, apprehend the evil doer for processing by the legal industry, and the lawyers will get paid. Then the miscreants will be released at some point and create more busy work for cops and lawyers. What do I need a gun for? That would just make my family 43 times more likely to die by (shudder) gun violence!!
    Better to perish in the struggle for freedom than live to see defeat. There ARE things to be feared more than death. The fyrd is a Constitutional imperative.

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    I'm not sure

    where the 'poll' went that I saw the other day, regarding what specific 'brand', but I noticed that 'Others' was well ahead of the SW's, Colts, Glocks, etc... mine is definitely in the others section..

    After several years with a Tanfoglio da/sa compact SS 9mm as my edc, I had been wanting one similar in .45acp for a long time. I found what I had been looking for in a very affordable da/sa, fully ambi controls, Bersa T45UC. I bought it (under $300 at the time), tried and tested, and have been carrying it since.

    The Bersa is even slightly smaller overall then my 9 is, and with the tupperware frame, it is way lighter. A very comfortable piece when you have it on for long hours, it's very easy to conceal, and so far has been flawless in it's operation.

    Their .380's have a very respectable following, but I don't often run into many of the 'big bores'...they also have a 9, and a .40SW available in the same model. Their 9's and .40's have a larger capacity for rounds, but I'm a
    .45 kinda guy all the way.

    I believe that for an edc piece, the Bersa can't be beat. If I ever lost this one, I'd sure get another without a second thought.


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    I carry my CZ Rami 40 cal or my S&W bodygaurd model 38 as my daily carry in the hot months here in florida.During the winter months i have been known to carry my Sig P220 45 or my S&W 357.
    I was also reading on some of the posts where some have sent their handguns in to taurus for repairs and it is taking a long time to get them back.I also have to send my PT111 back for some repairs and was hoping it wouldn`t take that long.

  5. I am just getting accustomed to CC and have been carrying a XD9 sub compact in a Crossbreed supertuck holster. I have a Kimber Pro Covert II on its way that will also be going in a Crossbreed holster.

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    I carry my XD-40sc most of the time. I also carry an XD-9sc.Just depends on the day and how I feel.:D

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    I carry my MIL PRO PT140 IWB in a Don Hume when away from the house the majority of the time. Around my home outside I carry my MIL PRO PT111 OWB in a Fobus. I have carried my CZ75B IWB on vacation before, but it is just a tad too big to be comfortable for extended periods of time.
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  8. .

    I carry a glock 19 in a comp-TAC ctac holster daily. When I have to deep conceal I use a kel-tec pf-9 in a pocket holster from js holsters

  9. Kimber Grand Raptor or Beretta Couger .45. both loaded with 230 Grain Federal Tactical. Currently looking at the Kimber Ultra Carry II as a future CCW

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    I am not carrying anything yet. I just applied for my CCW week before last. They said it will take up to 6 weeks to get it. Someone I work with got one a few years ago and said that it took 6 weeks to get his. I am not opimistic that mine will take less than that.

    Once I receive mine, I will probably carry my Smith & Wesson .40 cal. I think that the Taurus PT-1911 that I also have will be too bulky to carry to start with.

    I still need to look into another holster. The Uncle Mike's that I bought doesn't appear to be very useful for concealed carry.

    Although I have shot guns for many years (6 years in the Air Force back in the early to mid 80's and shot a lot before that), this is the first time that I have owned a gun other that a bb gun. I have a lot to learn. Even when I get my permit, I don't intend to carry until I have much more experience.

    When I do start carrying, I am thinking about a CZ RAMI .40 cal rather than the S&W. Looks nice and compact and I think that it will be a good fit for me.

    Sorry for the rambling post. :)

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    P99 .40 in a kydex IWB at 4 o' clock
    Charter .38
    Kel-Tec P3AT

    - one or more of these secreted in various pockets. And a knife or two

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