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Thread: What Do You Carry?

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    Orange County, CA
    My daily carry is an H&K USPc .45 in an MTAC. No problem concealing regardless of what I'm wearing.

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    witness 45

    I Carry 2 Witness 45's At All Times In A Double Shoulder Rig. These Are By Far The Best I Have Ever Owned, Very Reliable And Well Balanced

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    What I Carry

    It's been a while since I've been on, can't remember if I answered this or not but anyway. I carry a S&W model 36 with two speed loaders for short trips. Long trips, like my name, a Sig P228. I love the Sig, one sweet wepaon but it is a little heavy, fits in my console well.
    The Smith has a lot of sentimental value, belonged to my Dad, and it hits what I aim it at.

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    I Carry a Taurus PT 745. Bought it new and it has over 2000 rounds thru it so far and never a ftf or a fte. Be Safe, Dave

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    Went back to the M&P 9mm but, this time it's a full size. Just ordered a MTAC.
    Unapologetic American

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    When my cfp comes in will carry either my Taurus pt 1911 or my Rossi 971.

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    I alternate between a Sig 229, Kimber Ultar Raptor II, and a S&W MP in .40.
    To live outside the law you must be honest.

  9. Currently a lightly customized 1911 in a Galco IWB. Soon an S&W 329 when my holster arrives. Often a Tomcat just dropped in a pocket when it's too hot for anything else.

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    My daily carry is my Glock 26 now.

  11. the majority of the time it is my Glock 33 ... but other days I will carry my 21SF or H&K USP 45 ...

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