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Thread: What Do You Carry?

  1. Quote Originally Posted by lukem View Post
    Started At Nevada Carry:
    My Nevada nonresident CCW pending, I plan on carrying the M&P 9mm full size and compact.

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    Quote Originally Posted by underwritingtech View Post
    I alternate between a Sig 229, Kimber Ultar Raptor II, and a S&W MP in .40.
    A full size M&P and which holster?
    Unapologetic American

  4. It all depends on the circumstances, the weather and my mode of apparel. Anything from a Beretta 25, a Radom P-64, Star BM 9mm or a Bulgarian Makarov. I do not enjoy carrying full size "anything" so the Star is about the largest handgum I carry...3 1/2 " barrel.


    Star BM

    Bulgarian Makarov

    Everyone a nice shooter...I'm the one that can't shoot...:03: Sorry about the various sized pictures...I'm still trying to master photobucket.

  5. S&W M&P 9c

  6. Ultra Carry in .45 ACP
    Sig 239 and 229 both in .40 cal

  7. I don't get as much lattitude in what I carry, because I have to prove to the boss that I can shoot it..... before I can carry it.

    Concealed, I currently carry the Springfield MicroCompact in OD green as a BUG on my ankle (or concealed strong side off duty). For primary carry, I carry the Kimber TLE / RL II in Stainless with wood grips. I use the Galco COP holster, because the other ones have a tendency to disengage my safety. I have a Streamlight TLR-1 that I carry on a blackhawk belt clip.

    I have come a long way from the G26 I used to carry in a galco UDC holster. Of course, I do miss that fine little piece of Tupperware!

    Carry on!

  8. Mycarry pistols, plus a question

    I have a choice to carry:

    Kimber Gold Combat II 5" .45
    Springfield Armory Champion 4" .45
    Para Ordnance LTC Alloy 4.25 .45
    Sig P220 W/Maple Grips 4.4 .45
    Sig P226 Elite 4.4 .40 Sweet ............
    Sig P229 Equinox 3.9 .40 W/ SRT Sweeter........... My favorite
    All Galco holsters
    I Like the Sig's, prefer to carry hammer down. I don't like putting one in the pipe in a 1911.

    Thinking about H&K P2000 V2 .40 DA/SA "not sure about 11.4 Lbs.on the DA"
    Anybody have any input about this firearm?
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    what do you carry?

    I keep at P3AT in my pocket of my cargo pants in a uncle mike 10 holster.
    when the weather cools a little or at night , i pack a bersa thunder 45acp.

    have a nice day

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    For fall/winter/early spring - Springfield 1911A1 UC V-10 in a Galco paddle, 1 extra mag, 'cuffs.

    Late sping/summer - Tarus PT111 Mill Pro 9mm in a pocket holster, 1 extra mag
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