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Thread: What Do You Carry?

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    Glock 23 with extra mag. Galco IWB holster.

  3. My carries are......

    Taurus 650 in .357 Magnum
    Taurus Millenium Pro in 9MM
    Taurus Judge in .45/.410

    Guess you can tell I'm a Taurus fan !!!

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    I was carrying daily my little p-32. But as the weather cooled I usually opted for the pf-9. However, I recently picked up a Taurus 85ulss (.38 spl rev) which fits the pocket nicely in the Nemesis I use for the 9. What I have discovered is that this snubbie is very comfortable in a Uncle Mikes(36) iwb ($9) worn crossdraw but -- and this is important-- not iwb but simply under the belt. This allows me to cant the butt forward to my lap. Very comfortable when seated or driving. Very accessible. I am wearing it now and my flab doesn't know it is there.
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  5. My carry gun is my G26 in either my Rocketman IWB holster or my Fal-Gal purse. Depends on what I'm wearing and where I'm going.
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    I'm an advocate having only one primary gun to train, practice and carry. That is consistently carried in the same position so that that everything about its use is intuitive automatic. As natural and reflexive as throwing a punch. I kidney carry an XD.45 compact with a LaserLyte, TruGlo fiber Optic Sights and a 4.5 pound Springer Precision trigger loaded with 230 grain Federal HST goodies for the BG, in a K&D Dakota Defender. I do change holster with the seasons but always as close to the same position and cant as possible. So for open carry or when I have layers of cloths on I will kidney carry in a K&D Eagle Defender for OWB or a Maverick Defender for IWB. Having said that I do on occasion "cheat" and carry the Bersa or other gun
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  7. My carry is a G19 in an MTAC. Previously I carried a PX4 in an MTAC. Both were comfortable and very easy to conceal.

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    I carry a KelTek PF-9. Love the gun. Some complain about long trigger pull, but hey, if I'm in a situation to need it, nerves and adrenaline are going to be a LOT bigger accuracy factor than long trigger pull.Combine it with a SmartCarry holster, and it is truly concealed.

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    I carry a S&W 642 Airweight .38 +p, Laser Max..... Looking into a Glock26.
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    I carry my P-64 9mm 9x18

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    Eastern plains of Colorado

    Daily carry

    XD 45 Compact - Crossbreed supertuck.

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