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Thread: What Do You Carry?

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    I rotate between a Kahr PM40 and a Steyr M40. The Kahr is good if I'm dressed light.

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    I also rotate between a S&W model 36 and a Bersa 380 Firestorm w/Corbon.
    Right now, I'm on the prowl for a 1911 in 40 S&W.
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    I switch between an XD .45 and a Para Carry .45. The Para is a little smaller and easier to conceal, but the XD has 2x the capacity. Fully loaded they weigh almost the same. Either works in the winter (Iowa), but in warmer weather I prefer the Para.

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    Kimber .45 Stainless Ultra Carry II with Crimson Trace Lasergrips

  6. Taurus 24/7 4" 40 S&W duo tone with Kholster IWB
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    I have an XD45 Compact.

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    Colt Defender usually. Glock 33 is my "Truck gun" while driving to work etc. My job is 30.06 posted (off limits to CHL)

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    Kimber Pro Carry Stainless with Night Sights.
    .45 of course.
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  10. Hey all...I'm new to the site. I carry a Kel-Tec P11 9mm that I recently purchased used and it is back in the shop already for a broken trigger. Great gun though when I did have it. Can't wait to get it back... I had them put some new sights and a belt clip that installs directly on the gun. Hope it works well...

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    Main carry is XD Tactical in .45ACP in a modified Bianchi 7L holster. Previous (and still occasional) carry weapon is the XD Tactical in 9mm. It's in a custom made Mike Hall paddle holster. BUG is a 9mm Glock 26 in another Hall custom holster.

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