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Thread: What Do You Carry?

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    -When I can wear a heavy coat, I carry my M-1911A1 with 8 round mag +1 with 230gr FMJ, military surplus loads. Nine rounds of lethality on the hip.
    -When concealment is more important, I have a Bersa Thunder 380 with 7+1, 90gr JHP.

    Someday, I need to get a pocket gun like a Kel-Tec P3AT that can also be used as a BUG.
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    I carry a Sig P228 with 13 round mag most of the time but in the summer, with shorts, it's a S&W Model 36 inside waist.

  4. Post Pvt Dinky Carry Kit

    I carry a FNP .45 with 16 rounds of Corbon DPX on board. I also have 2 more 15 rd. mags of DPX and 2 x 14 rd.mags of Speer Gold Dots . I carry the DPX on my shoulder rig and the dots in my belt rig. In my left pocket is my old Charter snubby with HYDRA SHOCKS and keep 3 speed loaders in my rt. pocket. I have a Gerber knife for my belt and a small Winchester Trout knife on my shouder rig in case I run in to a pissed off midget....sorry lil person. I keep my long blade in my bag and a machete on the outside of the bag just in case for Binnies guys.All my buds keep a black machete in their truck or car trunk since 9/11. I know that might seem stupid,but it is our thing whenever that subject comes up in conversations....We all are like about everybody else with the other stuff. Most of my friends and I keep some version of an M-4 around,A sks for plinking ,a 12 gauge short barreled pump gun and a few nice Ruger 10-22s for tin cans that get out of hand....Lately we have all bought single shot H&R .410s and a few are getting Saiga or Safir semi .410s.
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  5. Springfield XD .40 with a soft Uncle Mike's Size 2 Sidekick (LH) in the small of the back (Mexican). I am looking into a small .38 for a lighter carry, but basically I want to make sure that I can stop any would be attack with as few rounds fired as possible.

  6. What do you carry?

    I am currently carrying my Taurus Pro PT 145. It is a great pistol for concealing and accuracy. I am planning on aquiring a SIG soon though, after I finish all my research and find the best one.

  7. What do I carry? Well from 1957 to 1983 I carried a Walther's PP (.380). From 1983 to 2004 a Walther's PPK (.380). Now carry a Springfield XD9 Subcompact backed up with a Smith & Wesson 642 (.38 special) in my pocket. The 642 is with me all the time except when I am sleeping and then it is in my bedside drawer.

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  9. Sig snob

    I carry a P229 DAK in .40 Smith, using a DeSantis sheath. I'm not a big guy, but I haven't had any issue carrying discreetly. My wife and kids don't even notice most of the time. I even manage to pull it off with a t-shirt and shorts, albeit the t-shirt can't be see through, and I use the same riggers belt with cargo shorts that I use in uniform with my DCUs or ACUs. I love, love, love the DAK trigger. I can't drive nails with it like the Kimber I carried as my sidearm in Afghanistan, but I don't have to mess with any decocking levers, external safeties, or potential questions about "hair triggers" (not that I've ever had to group anyone). One motion to fire the gun, everytime keeps a knuckledragger like myself happy. My log shows I've put 3,000 rounds through it, of which about half is doing reload drills (one mag w/one round, one mag with two - shoot far target, reload, double tap close target - rinse and repeat). ZERO stoppages. I don't know that I will ever carry anything else.

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    Thumbs up Daily carry

    G36 or Star PD or G27 or Smith Model 60: carry IWB. Also carry NAA revolver in pocket for last ditch effort.
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