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Thread: What Do You Carry?

  1. I carry a 11.5 pound banjo. It is deadly at close range. Usually people run in all directions when they see it so I am rarely forced to use it.

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    baby eagle .45 in don hume IWB holster and my newly purchased P32 in a homemade pocket holster as BUG.

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    Glock 33 .357 sig IWB + xtra mag

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    Once I get relocated to Virginia (on my way next week), I'll be carrying a Glock 30SF with a Glock 26 as a BUG.

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    S&W Mod. 60. One of the minority that carries a revolver it seems!


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    John I carry a S&W Model 60 sometimes.
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    Kahr CW45 w/Federal Hydrashock and extra mag.
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    I carry a Walther P99 in .40... It's my first pistol, and I love it!
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  10. Alternate between a Sig 226 all steel, a Smith 642, or sometimes a Para P12 .45 ACP Alloy frame.

    I really would like to get the 637 Smith and the 638, I would love to rotate between those 3!

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    I used to carry my Makarov 380.
    My first purchased CW when I lived in GA. (90s)
    It is slim and compact.

    I am still trying to decide what to carry now.
    Kinda of a pain because I work on the Navy Base, can't check in or carry.
    Can't leave it in the truck or at the office.

    I have a choice 380s, 9mm, 38 spl, and 45s, haven't jumped the fence on 40s yet.

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