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Thread: What Do You Carry?

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    My Old carry - what to carry now?

    I used to carry my Makarov 380.
    My first purchased CW when I lived in GA. (90s)
    It is slim and compact.

    I am still trying to decide what to carry now.
    Kinda of a pain because I work on the Navy Base.
    Which I could just can't check it in at the base and pick up when I leave.
    Can't leave it in the truck or at the office.

    I have a choice 380s, 9mm, 38 spl, and 45s, haven't jumped the fence on 40s yet.

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    springfield xd 40... bought a iwb holster over the weekend for my glock g32.. might start carrying it a little
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    Sig 220 Carry Elite SAO (45ACP) or 229R (40S&W) or 232 (.380)

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    I am now carrying a Taurus PT111 pro. Put about 500 rounds through it so far. Has failed to fire, it was after having shot 200 or more through it w/o cleaning. It was also with some 45 year old surplus ammo. Cant blame the gun, YET. Like it a lot better than the Rossi 5 shot 38 I had been carrying. I would like to find a good set of night sights for it. Anyone got any Ideas

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    Taurus Millenium Pro PT111 with Federal Hydra-Shoks in a SuperTuck IWB.
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  7. CZ 97B usually in IWB or SmartCarry and sometimes in Vert Shoulder Holster ~ I love it ~

  8. Smith & Wesson Model 60, .357 Magnum. Versatility in ammo selection -- .38, .38+P, .357.

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    My EDC is a CZ75 .40 IWB, I am looking at getting a Glock 9mm but for now I just have the CZ for Primary Carry.

  10. My EDC is a Springfield XD 45 Compact Tactical w/Night Sights, currently loaded with CorBon 230gr +P.

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    Springfield Micro Compact light weight in a HBE Com 3 IWB backed by a Taurus 605 snubby in a Desbiens pancake holster

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