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Thread: What Do You Carry?

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    Either a Stoeger Cougar in a UBG Canute IWB, or M&P 9mm in a Don Hume H721 OWB for the summer. In the winter, the Springer Mil-spec 1911 comes out of hibernation.

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    Springfield XD-357... Works for me. Haven't needed it yet, and hope I never do. It'll do for remote lead-injection.

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    Hk USP in a Comp-tac M-tac at 3:45. I keep it stoked with mid weight golden sabres. I'm gonna work a j-frame into pocket carry for work, if I can find some more quarters under the cushions...

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    Kahr CW9 backed up by P3AT.

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    When it's warm I carry a Glock 19, when it's cool or cold I like my Para Ordnance P13-45. I have a P3AT, but never have carried a bug.

  7. EDC is a Ruger 345. I spent a lot of time working on it to get it right but it was worth it.

    Keltec P-32 is my deep concealment/bug gun.

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    Most of the time G27 IWB and when unable to carry that then Tomcat in pocket and sometimes both.
    Today is a good day to have a good day

  9. The weapon I choose the most to carry is my P-220R Carry with one spare magazine.

    OH YEAH! In a Milt Sparks VersaMax-II.
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    ALWAYS carry! ~ NEVER tell!

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    Kel tec P11 most every day and my Kimber compact ll 45acp. when I think about it.

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    I carry a kel-tec p11 its compact and easy to conceal

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