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Thread: What Do You Carry?

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    What do you carry?

    I normally carry a Ruger P89 in 9mm with an aftermarket 17 round mag and 1 in the pipe. Sometimes I'll carry a P90 (which is basically the same gun in .45 ACP) and if I have a need to carry something smaller in order for it to be more concealable, I'll carry a Charter Arms Mag Pug in .357 Magnum. I've found that even in the summer time when the weather is hot, I can still conceal any of them under a short sleeve polo shirt just by buying a size larger shirt and not tucking in the tail. So many people wear that sort of dress nowadays that it does not look out of place and does an excellent job of concealing everything but my 6" S&W Model 28. A lot depends on the holster you choose. The ones I use are belt-slide type, but pull close to my body so there is little to no evidence that there is anything there, much less a weapon. I have several different holsters that I can use for different purposes, but those are my primary carry holsters. The bottom line is carry whatever you are most comfortable with, both from a carrying standpoint and from a shooting standpoint. I know I can place 18 shots inside a couple of inches at 25 feet in rapid fire with the P89, or 9 shots in the same place with the P90, or 5 shots with the Mag Pug. Of course, one modification I have on all of them is Crimson Trace Laser sights, because it makes it a whole lot easier to get on target quickly except at long distances in bright light. But then, that is what the standard sights are for and is not usually why the gun would need to be concealed in the first place. When I lived in Texas, I used to always carry my Model 28 in a shoulder holster loaded with snake shot when I went hunting because of the high probability of coming across snakes. The only time I had to use it was the time I was walking along near a creek and found a very large cottonmouth sunning itself on a dead tree trunk. Since I was only hunting squirrels and rabbits, all I was using was a .22, so the wheel gun with snake shot came in very handy. I was able to take off about half of its head at a distance of about 20 feet.
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    Unhappy Xd40

    Springfield XD40 Tactical, in a Fobus paddle holster.

    Since I'm not allowed to purchase an XDM40 here in the backward state of California.

  4. since i sold my glock i mostly carry a s&w 442, with +p federals, in my front pocket. occasionally i take out that nifty sig P6 i got such a great deal on! i wish i could afford another pistol... i would be looking for some type of 1911 more than likely an officers model.


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    I had to change my carry to a wheel gun as I just learned semi auto handguns are illegal in cincinnati. if you live in the city limits you have to make any semi auto inoperable or take it out of the city limits. I live in a small city in a city ( saint bernard, about 3 miles square, inside the city of cincinnati). so as long as I stay within my small city limits I'm good, but being surrounded by cincy city limits, I'm stuck with a wheel gun for carry
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    Strange laws.

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    I just got my license last week. I am currently carrying a CZ 82, in the fall I may switch over to my Taurus PT99

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    Daily carry

    I like to carry my Kimber 1911 or my Smith & Wesson SW99.
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    Quote Originally Posted by XD45 View Post
    I carry a Springfield compact XD-45 for my primary and a Kel-Tec P3AT as my BUG.
    Excellent choice! I carry an XD45 or an XD9 subcompact. Both are fitted w/Trijicon night sights as well as the Insight X2 combo taclight/lasersight. They both rock!
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    XD 40 Cal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by moaugusta View Post
    Sig P229R .40
    I got my new Kholster in the mail last week and can carry my full size USP .45 in it. So, now it will be my Sig 229 .40 and my USP .45. You boys should check into Kholsters for IWB carry. It is awesome, and very reasonable. It looks a little funny, but feels great.

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