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Thread: What Do You Carry?

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    Glock 23, CT Grip
    2 spare mags
    Cor-Bon DPX

    Plus the typical tools:
    Small flashlight
    Cell phone
    Pocket knife

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    Lake Stevens, WA
    I've been using a Makarov in a Falco leather shoulder rig. I recently inherited a Raven .25 which I've started pocket carrying, and will be switching to my Taurus 24/7 Pro as soon as I get a holster for it. I've also got my eye on a Skyy CPX1 for pocket carry to replace the Raven

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    XD45 in a CTAC Holster

  5. I carry a Ruger LCP - I jog and it makes a light carry in my fanny pack. I have been stopped in the country (before I carried) by 2 big rottweilers and one went for my knee and the other was circling around to my back....while I was on Rollerblades!!!
    I just knew I was in deep weeds if they were to have knocked me down....no way I could get up on rollerblades and they would have had me.
    Anyway, I carry the little 12 oz Ruger and have been to the range a couple times now trying to get good with it......it is hard to control so I need more practice. But it is my first pistol and I really like the convenience of it.
    I sometimes carry it in an Uncle Mike's pocket holster that sits in my front pocket and it makes no imprint and weights next to nothing to carry and is very small...and potent if needed.

  6. S&W Model 60

    S&W Model 60 with Magtech .357 Magnum SCHP in a pocket holster or an IWB holster, depending on my mood and mode of dress. Loaded with .38 Winchester Silvertip HP for home use.

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    90TWO 9mm 124gr +P Golden Sabers.

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    S & W 642 Crimson Trace

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    PT111 or 1911 - depends on weather and activity.
    USMC, NRA, SCI, B&C (Micah 6:8)
    I do not carry a gun for any other reason other than to give me options that I would not have without a gun in a life-threatening circumstance.

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    Kimber Crimson 1911, hollow points

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    Hi all just got my new Five-seveN really excited the only ammo they had was 40g hornady V-Max. Anyone recommend anything other than this. Plus need a new IWB holster for it, don't want leather btw any ideas?

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