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Thread: What Do You Carry?

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    I carry a Springfield Micro Compact 45!

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    Quote Originally Posted by kelcarry View Post
    There are 47 pages of responses to this thread. I would like to know how many of the posters have actually presented their CCW in a "situation" and under what circumstances this happened. I am 68 years old and grew up and lived in NY/NJ for 59 of them; I have NEVER been in a position that would have warranted anything close to actually needing a weapon.
    Just once. While I was working in a small retail store a few years back an extreemly intoxicated male came into the store and asked to see a few of the hunting knives we sold. When he was handling one of the larger knives he started swearing at me and and at the owner and was becoming angry and aggressive. He waved the knife around like he was trying to be a ninja or something.

    I pullled my glock 27 from my holster and held it at my side so he could see it. I told him to put the knife down onto the counter and to leave the store. He did so and stumbled down the street into the darkness.

    BUT.... even if i had NEVER been in a situation to use my gun, Im sure i still speak for most of the people in this group when i say this: Its better to have a gun and not need it, then to need a gun and not have it. I have been driving a car for about 25 years and I have NEVER been in an accident, but I will ALWAYS wear my seat belt. Why? Just in case I may need it, just to be safe.

    I will always carry a gun. Just in case i need it. Just to be safe.

  4. Glock 23 mostly but have started carring the Kel Tec PF-9 because its so thin.
    Crossbreed Holsters
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    Quote Originally Posted by kelcarry View Post
    I am 68 years old and grew up and lived in NY/NJ for 59 of them; I have NEVER been in a position that would have warranted anything close to actually needing a weapon.

    I've got a fire extinguisher in my kitchen. Never had a fire.
    I've also had a spare tire in my trunk for the last 25 years. Never had a flat.

    The piont is, if I never need them, fine. But when you do need them and don't have them, it's a flucked up situation.

    "If it is time to bury your guns, then it is time to dig them up!"

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    the avatar is in a Smart Carry and the DA is secured behind the seat of my truck within easy reach because my belly precludes a draw while sitting seat-belted. Very new to Carrying so I've also got the ultra classic lite Galco Shoulder Holster plus a Mikes Nylon to secure while carry is stashed in my inside pocket while riding( just something to cover the trigger but draw is slooooow) and also a clip-on IWB for summertime shorts , no belt req.'d --I'm learning and will be trying more holsters as money allows:)
    Ultra CDP 11
    you may only assume I'm an idiot until I post.

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    Kimber Ultra Carry II But................

    Latley I've been "toteing" my Glock 31 in a Fobus paddle. I REALLY love the fire power of it!!
    Action Is Always Faster Than Reaction!!!

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    Hey y'all: Appreciate your replies to my post on "scenarios requiring actual CCW use". Your replies were "right on". Not necessarily needing it or ever using it does not mean you should not. My main point was to understand how many of the posters actually had to present their CCW. Wish I knew what the figures were, but I would not be surprised to find that over 99% of CCW holders have never presented their weapon in an actual situation. That is probably true of actual use of a weapon by LEOs, although presentation is more of a given in many situations, where an LEO is put in a unknown potentially dangerous situation.

  9. what I carry

    I carry, not all the time...but when I carry, I have a small RUGER LCP with self-defense ammo in it.
    I carry it without one in the chamber so there is double safety. I have to chamber a bullet and also pull the trigger....it aint going off accidentally. I sometimes carry it in the glove compartment.
    I carry it in a pocket holster, an uncle somebody's holster and it is only 12 ozs. fully loaded.....it is so small and so light it is nothing to carry. I know people think it isn't enough firepower, but it is what I carry, when I carry.
    Basically it is a 9mm "short" cartridge with hollowpoints.
    It is small enough that I carry it in my little runner pack on 20 mile runs through the woods and strange roads etc. If I came upon a fierce dog, or a meth lab in the country, I would be well armed.

  10. what I carry - and have I used it?

    In my last post I said I carried a RUGER LCP on runs or whatever. Have I used it? No-never
    However, before I had this, I was rollerblading from my office in the country roads and 2 rottweilers came out from the house I was passing and challenged me......I was on rollerblades and knew if they knocked me down, I would never regain my feet....forthose of you who know....you can NOT get back up on rollerblades if there are dogs attacking you....so I stopped when they came out and stepped off onto the shoulder of the road and tried to slowly back down the road out of their territory.
    One came around to the back of me while the other came toward my knee. I had picked up a big stick and whacked the one who was coming at my knee on the head. He didn't flinch, didn't yelp and didn't back up....he did stop however.......I eventually backed down far enough, they were constantly looking over their shoulder at the house they had come from.....and I got away.
    I called the cops and they said those dogs were accused of killing a sheep and also running into a neighbors barn and making the couple living there scurry up a hayloft to get away from them....so they were bad dogs.
    I still shudder to think what would have happened if they had gotten me down and started chomping on me....there were no cars around...so I do carry the little Ruger IN CASE I ever need it.....

  11. I renew my license every 5 years. Takes about 2 weeks. The Leos know me pretty well. My wife doesn't insult very easily. She just says the lord will take care of the insulter.
    I've carried aRuger P-85 9mm since they were first available. At 67 years old, im too old to fight and too tired to run. Never had to use it in a situation.

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