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Thread: What Do You Carry?

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    Short walks in the summer - 2 shot derringer in 38 spl; longer trips out of town summer or winter - Kimber SIS procarry or Glock 17, all with extra mags - Galco leather for both.

  3. I was going down the LIE west towards Queens coming up on exit 39, put on my right turn signal to move from the center lane to the right. I was driving a Mack B64 4200 gallon oil truck and was slowing down due to weight and uphill. The right lane was clear for a least 15 car lenghts back as I started over. All of a sudden a guy in a pick up pulls up along my left side a is waving his arms and hands at me. His lane comes to a stop and mine continues for another 30 car lenghts before slowing to stop. It's rush hour traffic. Don't think much of it, I know I didn't hit anything. So traffic starts moving and we get to about 25 to 30 mph and this pickup races up the center lane swerves at the last moment and slams on the brakes in front of me. Well I had all I could do just to avoid him using the shoulder as extra space. I get back in the lane and I am a little peveed and this guy stops 10 feet or so in front of me and gets out of his truck with a bat. Now I'm carry a AMT 380 left ankle holster and so is my friend riding shot gun. He pulls his 380 and holds it along the seat, ask me if I'm going to get mine. I simple stated no not yet, he can't open the door it's locked and I don't think he going to climb up if I start driving. So while he yelling at me standing in the center lane of the LIE traffic opening up in front of his pickup a good 700/800 feet and increasing. I roll the window down slightly and tell him get back in your pickup or I'll push it out of my way. He continue his screaming at me I put it in 1st gear and pull up to his rear bumper. He ran and jumped into his pickup just as I gently tapped his bumper and then floored it. He tried to hold my truck back by standing on his brakes, but I wound out first, and slammed it into 2nd, wound out 2nd, and then slammed it in 3rd. Just then he moved away from me front and started driving. We caught up to him in traffic and he stopped in front of me again and got out with the bat again. I'm thinking here we go again. He walked over to the front of the truck and hit the bumper of the truck with his bat and yelled out "So there". He got back in his pickup drove off I never saw him again. It turned out that right rear turn signal bulb had burned out, I would have told him I was sorry if he had given me a chance.

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    Slowryder some folks are, for a better word, pure jerks.

    I had a similar experience although not to the level of your incident. Take care and I admire your restraint.
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    Hey slowryder: Grew up in Queens and am familiar with the frantic pace of the LIE. Retired now and living in Charleston, SC where livin is easy and a lot less stressful. With all due respect to your post, I was concerned about some of your statements that tend to fly in the face of responsible CC. I understand this guy was out of control but your initial commnent about "pushing him out of the way" instead of a "what seems to be the problem" escalated the situation. If there had been witnesses to your comments (I'm sure your partner did not hear any of this) and it had gotten to the point of your use of your CCW--you may have had a problem. Lightly tapping his bumper also did not help anything. This forum has had numerous "what if" threads and posts and, as much as we all agree that we would like nothing better to do than "dispatch" the weird freaks out there, I would guess that 99% of us understand that CC means you control your emotions and actions and, in your circumstance call 911 (I understand that may be a joke on the LIE and in NYC), or just ignore and get away from the jerk--over a short period of time, I find it hard to believe that even on the LIE that could not have been done before you have a guy coming at you with a bat and you sitting there with a 380 ready to go. I may be missing some points of your post and, if I am wrong in my comments, I apologize, but other posts have gone over this stuff quite a lot and the concensus is, from my readings, when you are CC you turn the other cheek and get the heck out of there or never go there in the first place--you do everything to avoid escalation and you make sure there are witnesses to everything that clearly show the idiot started and escalated the situation and you had no other choice when facing imminent danger of severe bodily harm and/or death. Yelling back at the guy and tapping his bumper are not part of the equation.

  6. xd45c or xd9sc or taurus hammerless .38 or Sig P238.

  7. Most times I carry an M&P 45 FS in a DM Bullard Dual carry holster. My other carry gun is a S&W model 60 .357.

  8. My carry for walking in the woods. Bondarms Snakeslayer 45 long Colt or 410 shot shells great for pest control 4 or 2 legged.

    and for Hunting a S&W 629-1 44 magnum with a 6"barrel
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    KelTec P3AT (excellent mouse gun) warm weather.
    Taurus MilPro .45 when it's cooler. Love this gun, too.

  10. carried:

    Current Rotation - 2 out of 3 dailly-
    GLock 23 with CT Grips
    Ruger LCR with CT Grips
    NAA Mini in .22LR with holster grip

    site-unseen, I ordered the Glock 27 - with the CT grips - was shocked at how LITTLE size difference between the G23 and G27. In about a month, traded in the Glock 27 for another Smith snubbie with CT grips for the family/house....
    I've got bigger hands and by the time I added the mag extension to the G27, it was same (about) as the G23 I've shot for 10 years and trust totally...
    try before you buy....good advice, obviously!

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    Quote Originally Posted by XD45 View Post
    I carry a Springfield compact XD-45 for my primary and a Kel-Tec P3AT as my BUG.
    I'm an XD45 carrier myself. An XD9 sc is my backup.
    An ARMED individual is a CITIZEN! ...An UNARMED individual is a SUBJECT!

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