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Thread: What Do You Carry?

  1. Current EDC is my S&W M&P9 in a UBG OWB holster.

    I have recently switched my EDC from My S&W642 to my M&P. Thought the M&P might feel a bit heavy and bulky, but it feels great in the OWB holster. I did strap on the wheelie the other day and I couldn't even tell it was there.
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    I carry a S&W M&P9 in a Comptac MTAC, but I do not carry it everyday. I work in an office setting and can't carry it easily. I have been try to find something smaller that I can tuck, but am not having much luck. I have recently aquired a Skyy CPX-1 for daily pocket carry at work, but I am not really liking it. Back to the drawing board.

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    Bulgarian military Makarov for summer carry...

    CZ P-01 9mm for home defense and cold weather carry.

    AK-74 in case the SHTF.

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    I carry a Ruger P345 in a Safariland holster this time of year. When cooler weather arrives I will switch to a Kel-Tec P3AT in an concealment concept pocket pal.

  6. Utarch00, check out the new Walther PPS. Might be just the thing for you.

    It's Gwenneth Paltrow skinny.


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    Yeah, but for that price I can buy 1.5 M&Ps.

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    Quote Originally Posted by raytracer View Post
    Mine has now been to New Hampshire twice! Needless to say, I'm not auite as thrilled with it as I once was.

    Accuracy-wise, it's unbelievable. The first two shots out of it went in the same hole. I actually thought I'd missed the paper and had to reel it in to see for myself.

    Strangely enough it was after about 1000 rounds that it had its first hiccough. It started having feeding issues - FTRB and 3 point jams, it would get stuck on the disconnector, and finally it started to slamfire. I sent it back in and they polished it up and did some voodoo on the lock work and it ran great for another 500 or so when it decided to shuck the claw off of the extractor in the middle of a match. I suppose I could have just replaced the extractor myself, but they issued me an RMA as soon as I had them on the phone. I've never fiddled with an external extractor anyway.

    Since then I've put another 1500 or so through it with no further problems so I'm back to carrying it.

    I still love the gun, and Sig's customer service has been top notch, but I'm saving up to replace it with a Les Baer Custom Carry. If nothing else, the GSR has really gotten me hooked on higher end handguns.

    I hear you. I now prefer my new Kimber Tactical Pro. The Sig is ok, just a little big for an everyday carry.

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    XD-45 Compact 4" in a CrossBreed Super-Tuck.

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    It's a Springfield GI 1911 A1

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    Smile what I carry

    I carry a Taurus PT145 or a Taurus CIA 850 38 special with crimson trace laser grips:)

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