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Thread: What Do You Carry?

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    Thanks you to all you that responded to my holster question, I made a list and will check them all out. Thanks again.

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    I carry one of three Kimbers and a Sig p238 Equinox for a Bug.


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    I don't think you can go wrong with this holster for the money. Very comfortable for a IWB.


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    I carry a Golck 23 and 2 extra magazines. I never leave home with out it.

  6. I carry a Taurus PT111 PRO most days.

  7. You have to have your firearm listed on your CCW permit? In Ohio, I just ned the CCW and can carry as many guns as will fit on my person (if I want to) from what I understand. Someone please correct me if I am wrong on this.


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    In some states you do, Arkansas being one of them, IIRC.

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    CCW varies from state to state. A few states don't even require a permit. I grew up in Vermont, where you don't need a permit to carry. Surprisingly enough we also have one of the lowest, if not the lowest homicide rate in the union. I moved down to Virginia last year and it was quite a shock the different view on fire arms. I still got my permit, but it took almost two months of waiting.

    Anyways, I carry a Kahr MK9, or a P226 if it's jacket weather. I always keep two extra mags on me and I also pocket a quick assist Gerber pocket knife. I've used that thing more often than any pistol. Opening those stupid plastic cases that every new item seems to come in, impromptu screw driver, etc. etc.

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    Hello all,

    I am still a newbie here in the forum and have been reading as many posts as I can. I notice many people carry different weapons depending on the weather. I hope this question doesn't sound completely stupid, but what effect does the weather have on what you might choose to carry? Is it the material the particular weapon is made of, or something else? I carry a SW99 mainly. Looking to get a Glock 23 .40 cal next.


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    The weather dictates what kind of clothing you wear, unless of course you're James Bond, then it's a Tux 24/7.

    If it's colder out you'll be wearing a jacket and heavier clothing, which makes it easier to conceal a larger weapon. When it's hot out most of us are in t-shirts and shorts when there's no dress code required. Wearing an outfit like that makes it much more difficult to conceal a large handgun.
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