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  1. That is interesting. What happens when the home state does not require the firearm to be listed, but reciprocates with AK?



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    Last I checked Alaska doesn't require permits either. As far as I know Vermont and Alaska are the only two. So I believe what the permit in your home state requires isn't at all pertinent in Alaska. In short any legally purchased firearm can be concealed in AK.
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    Thanks MP I can see that now. Appreciate the help.


  5. I carry my M&P9 full size and at least one spare mag, usually two though, no matter the weather. I just use a different carry method to address concealment. I personally believe in carrying as much gun as you can. Sure theres time carry the mouse gun, a trip to the local stop and rob or mowing the lawn in bathing suit shorts and no t-shirt..not a pretty sight. If I'm gonna be further than that, I go full size.

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    I normally carry an XD45 4" if it isn't too warm to conceal easilly, otherwise I carry a Makarov 9mm. I love the easy concealability of the Mak.

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    Sorry about not posting what these two handguns are. The top picture is a Kimber stainless steel Ultra Raptor II, which is my usual CC handgun. The revovler below that is a Ruger SP 101, 2 1/4 inch barrel in .357 magnum. Which one I carry depends on the weather. I live in the deep South so weather, heat and humidity, plays a role in which handgun I carry.
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    I carry a S&W M&P .45 FS in a crossbreed supertuck as my primary and an SA XD .40 as a secondary.

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    Usually my Kimber Ultra Crimson Carry II, in the winter if I carry OWB, it's a Beretta Model 96 Inox, or a Para LTC.

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    Glock 36 in my pocket, and a PT-738 (380) on ankle

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