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Thread: What Do You Carry?

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    Mar 2009
    Safety Harbor, Florida since 2006 Waterloo, New York before 2006.
    One of my Kimbers and a Sig P238 Equinox.......

  3. Quote Originally Posted by lukem View Post
    Started At Nevada Carry:
    I carry sigam 9mm

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    Desert of Northern Arizona

    Very Nice

    Those are some of the nicest looking pistols and holsters I have seen in quite a while.


    Somewhere in the AZ desert
    Ray, (Somewhere in the Northern Arizona Desert)

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    My EDC

    Kel Tec PF-9 in a Don Hume holster

  6. Quote Originally Posted by proscene View Post
    Kel Tec PF-9 in a Don Hume holster
    which Don Hume holster?

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    Browning Hi Power Mk3s. Kramer IWB #3.

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    Taurus PT-92 AFS in a Safariland OWB holster.

  9. I carry a CZ 75B in a Crossbreed Supertuck.

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    South Carolina/Charleston
    What do I carry is the question. I carry first and foremost situational awareness and a fervent desire to never put myself in amy situation that even the thought of my firearm is a concern. I will run from trouble like a scared rabbit and--it has served me well for 68 years, most of which was spent living in NYC--hardly your garden of eden and koombahyah. I carry a predetermined plan of action that does not include any confrontation greater than about 5 yds, includes point shooting as a preferred methodology, and the idea that "imminent danger to my well-being" that cannot be avoided any other way is the only reason for the use of my firearm. I appreciate Dirty Harry and the statement that "man must know his limitations" and all of the above are mine. I carry a firearm that will fire everytime--it is called a revolver.

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    Hey Ozarker, I also carry a P-64. I used to have a PPK/S, but sold it. I kept all the holster types and they seem to work well with the Radom. I don't really like the DA pull, but I guess it would keep me from accidentally pulling the trigger in the heat of the moment. SA is really smooth though. I would like to order some new grips for it from Marschall Grips, but have not got the money right now. I have a P9R on layaway, with my gun dealer, and have been putting the spare cash into getting it out. Anyway, enjoy that P-64!

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