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Thread: What Do You Carry?

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    I carry a Sig p250

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    handgonnetoter Guest
    I think the SIG 250 is one of the neatest handguns on the market. I've read tons about them, but never shot one. You are a lucky individual.

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    I carry a Smith and Wesson M&P .40 personally, one of the best guns made so far. Im not too fond of the Glock, fired one a few times, wasnt too impressed. Not much into the look of it either. I personally put several hunderand rounds [probably close to a 1000] and I havent had an issue with stove piping or and sort of jamming. Its comfortable, and comes with different sized grips. Its kind of expensive, but worth the cash.
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  5. Question

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    Started At Nevada Carry:
    I love my tauris 111 millenium but thinking about a .380 because of the size and concealability.

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    My Daily Carry

    I presently carry a full-size XDM 9mm in a full-moon KHolster.

    Love them both.
    Ray, (Somewhere in the Northern Arizona Desert)

  7. Quote Originally Posted by lukem View Post
    Well being that my Taurus has 1 hour 45 minutes left on Gunbroker.com and the fact that I'm sending my new Glock 23 back to Glock tomorrow, I'll be carrying my Beretta .32 again. Also, I still always have my Beretta 90-two in my Camelbak Concealed Carry Backpack with me. It is my "laptop" bag.
    An SA XD .45 Service model. Carried in a Bladetech "nano" IWB holster. Spare 13rd. mag carried on belt in a soft nylon holster. Pocketknife,and small 120 lumen light rounds out daily carry gear. Keys,lighter and wallet round it out. Very light,and don't feel "overloaded". I wear button down shirt untucked,concealment not a problem.

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    Sig P229

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    Glock 36
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  10. Quote Originally Posted by foxytwo View Post
    I carry a Sig p250
    Full size, compact? What caliber? 40, 45, 357?

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    Quote Originally Posted by lukem View Post
    Started At Nevada Carry:
    My CCW's are the Citadel Compact .45 - 7 round and the Glock 19 - 15 round, 9mm. It depends where I am going and what type of activity I will be doing (biking, hiking, camping or areas of where the heavies are at). Heavies = Known bad guy areas.

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