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Thread: What Do You Carry?

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    handgonnetoter Guest
    Just added a Hi-Power in 9mm to my carry selection. Most of the time it is either a PPK/S or a P-64 Radom in 9 x 18. Looking forward to the Hi-Power carry!

  3. Guess Im old fashioned!

    Don't know what else to say!

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    As of now, Im down to 1 carry gun...Kimber ultra cdp II in a Kramer IWB 3 holster with a galco horizontal mag carrier all riding on a belt from The Belt Man.
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    handgonnetoter Guest
    Most of the time my wife says I dress like a rodeo clown. I tell her I spend too much time deciding what gun I should carry today! Got to keep priorities straight! Been carrying the Hi-Power around for a while now and I have decided to go smaller until the weather cools down again. It is a lot of gun to hide under a open bottom shirt.

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    Kimber Full size

    I carry My Kimber Custom Stainless II, in a Milt Sparks Versa Max II at 0300, 2 mags weakside, on a Tucker 1 1/2" belt, and my Emerson CQC-7 Wave clipped to my pocket.
    I really dont see the sense in carrying a smaller Pistol in the summer, it cant get much hotter or more humid than the Texas gulf coast, a pair of shorts and a loose T shirt I'm good to go, and not compromising on a less effective pistol.
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    I carry a Sig Sauer P250 Subcompact (I love this handgun) in .40S&W. I use either a Blackhawk #08 nylon hip holster or my Fobus Evolution Roto Paddle. I also carry the Sig Sauer dual mag pouch (same material as the Fobus). There are not a lot of holsters out for this handgun yet, but I am trying to find a leather Small of the Back holster. Once found that will be a nice summer carry. I am also looking for a Serpa Holster Level 2 or 3, again there are none out there yet.


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    I carry A Glock 27, usually in a Cross Breed Supertuck at my 8:30, somtimes in a Bianchi #5 at my 1:00. If I'm in formal ware (rarely) I carry my S&W 638 in a pocket holster.

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    Currintly a G-36 in a serpa paddle, Taurus 709 in a uncle mikes in back, and a T-738 on ankle, don't bother with extra mags

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    My main carry is the Taurus PT1911, sometimes carry Sig 226, Stoger Cougar 9mm

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    Mauser HSc (German semi-auto)(.32ACP) is my main carry. I also have a Colt Detective (wheel gun) that I mostly open carry. Today I added a S&W 38 Special (wheel gun five shot). Went to the range and shot all three today. After an hour I could only center hit 4 out of 5 on the S&W so I need practice with it. The Mauser is my sweetest shoot, but the .32ACP is hard to come by right now and I don't practice with it as much as I should.

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