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Thread: What Do You Carry?

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    What is that holster, and where can i get 1??
    leather concealment wallet holster, .32 .380 kel-tec P32 P3AT

  3. Well since I live in the Kingdom of New Jersey, and can't carry in state, I can't seem to justify why my familys life should be protected. When I am out of state I carry a XD 45 or a Beretta 96 and a Beretta 3032 as a bug. In summer I carry a Beretta Mini Cougar 8000 and the 3032

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    I like my winter weapon to be my M&P 9c or the rock island 45 1911. Sometimes the cheetah or Taurus pt738 or the new diamond back. Just depends on the day and what seems right and fits the daily activities. :) I switch out just to keep them all circulated. I like them all but the 45s are my favorite! I used to carry the 32 but feel it is in adequate, more like a stinging bee rather than a ticked off rhino on full charge. Always have a back up for the unexpected jam! I know some do not care for the Beretta 92 but I like it and sometimes even have that on my side. I always have no less than 2 spare mags for any weapons I have with me loaded full! Usually speer or hydrashock. I have done a lot of ballistics and that's how I decide what ammo to have loaded up.

  5. What Do You Carry?

    I carry a Springfield Armory XD-45, Brushed stainless over black polymer in a Blackhawk Serpa paddle holster. It is stoked with 180 gr JHP ammo. I carry one spare magazine, which gives a total of 27 rounds. I hope soon to purchase an XDM-40 with the 3 1/8 inch barrel. I noticed while watching Steven Seagal, Lawman, that Deputy Seagal uses the Blackhawk Serpa holster also. He was preparing to go on duty, and worked the holster several times to test function.
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    I shoot in league and hit a baseball size on rapid fire at 25 ft with any I own including the 45s.
    My usual score is in the 290s out of 300. When we do bullseye at 50 ft its about a softball size group. At that distance with just iron sights its hard to even see where you hit untill the paper starts to open up all in the center.
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    I prefer the performance of a Bushmaster with a 20 round magazine. Unfortunately it dosn't fit into my pocket as well as my Ruger LCP, and I don't get nearly as many nasty looks when I'm carrying the LCP.
    The best gun for carry, is the one you'll carry because it dosn't impede your lifestyle, can be carried discretely, and makes enough noise to scare the bejesus out of some one when it goes off. I own a .22 Mag derringer, but I hesitate to carry it, because I'm afraid if I ever had to use it I'd shhot my thumb off. In order to hit anyone with it I'd have to be holding them with my left hand while shooting with my right. The LCP allows me to hit a 6" target everytime at 10 ft.

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    Beretta fs 92 at 25 ft.

    Ammo used magteck ball.
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    ballistic pictures

    Here is a group of some of the ammo I tested. They were 45,9mm, 380 and 32. Speer is bonded and you can see they stay together where some of the others come apart! The magtech did not expand very well Hydrashock and speer is my first choice!

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  9. Daily carry is a Springfield Armory, XD-40 in a Tucker Gunleather IWB kydex leather lined holster. Once it gets a little cooler I'll carry my Glock 35 in an OWB Tucker HF1 leather holster. Both guns are smooth and accurate and I'd carry the Glock more if I had a more comfortable IWB for it. Maybe next year I'll have one made for it.

  10. Well, I carry a CZ 9mm PCR or my Ruger Speed Six .357 mag.:

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    For down South living: Ruger LCR + Uncle Mikes No.3 (pocket or at 2 o'clock IWB)= Southern Comfort

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