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Thread: What Do You Carry?

  1. .357 for me. Always goes bang. Most of my autos have had an episode at one time or two.

  3. I keep a 1911 under the seat in all my vehicles(2-.45's and a 10mm)but carry a .32 Seecamp in a wallet-type holster in my front pocket at all times. Better a .32 in the pocket, than a .45 in the truck, when you need it.
    Golden Valley, NC

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    My carry is an XD Tactical in 9 mm, with an NRA slide holster. Love that gun!!

  5. I carry a Glock 36, in .45 acp everyday, a 1911, when I can fit it under a sweat shirt, or a jacket. for summer wear, a Ruger LCP in a wallet style holster

    You really don't want to see me in a skimp swimsuit.....but I've got that covered as well, with a North American Arms .22lr revolver

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    A Ruger SR9c in a High Noon alter ego tuckable small of the back, it's a left handed holster for palm out draw.

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    Steyr M40 in High Noon Hidden Ally w/clip (left handed).....Ruger LCP (BUG) in wallet pac in right rear pocket or front cargo pocket (depending upon trousers). I'm also comfortable wearing the Steyr in a belly band....can cover with a tee shirt with no problem! (I wear a compression tee under belly band to wick potential moisture away)

    Thinking about upgrading the BUG to Kel-Tec PF9 or P11. (9mm) If I do, it'll probably go IWB behind my back.

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    A reliable S&W model 39 9mm with Federal Personal Defense 124 gr ammo, for year round comfort.
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    357 mag. S & W. My favorite accessory!

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    RIA Compact

  11. taurus 24/7 pro in 45 or a bersa 380

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