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Thread: What Do You Carry?

  1. I started with a Beretta 92 (9mm) as my first and spent alot of time at the range and IPDS practice to become proficient. Carried with a shoulder rig mostly or a duty holster sometimes in winter. Found it cumbersome to carry concealed. Downsized within a year to a more managable sized Walther PPK/S (.380) that I carry in a Galco IWB or an ankle hoster in the summer. Love it, but still gets heavy.

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    i carry a rock island 1911a1 in the .45cal and also a bersa 32acp. both pistols are loaded with blue glasers as well as several corbon powerpoints and one fmj in each. i carry 6 magazines for my .45 and 3 mags for my 32. i also carry my trusty usmc kbar.

  4. I carry a Springfield XDm .40 with a 4.5 inch barrel in a Crossbread Super Tuck Deluxe and as long as I don't let it creep back past centered on my hip it hides the grip perfectly with a loose shirt.

  5. What I carry

    I carry a Taurus PT745 or a Ruger LCR

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    I normally carry a .38 Colt Detective Special (2" bbl.) with +P ammo. Occasionally and just for variety I carry Baretta PPK in.380 with Winchester Silver Tip ammo.

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  7. Forgot about this forum, joined but never posted.
    Daily carry around the homestead and in the woods I OC a Ruger Blackhawk, 45 colt in a cross-draw holster. If I go out, which is as seldom as possible, I carry a 454 Ruger Alaskan in a shoulder rig.
    When the bears come in for the apples in the fall, I switch to strong-side OC, 454 Super Redhawk 9 1/2".

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    I carry my SIG P229 .40 both on and off duty...seldom my P232 .380...dept requires qualification with any/all off duty weapons.

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    I usually carry my Walther PPS .40 cal. In the winter I wear a Sig Sauer jacket that has 2 concealed pockets with built in holsters for it. Once in a while I will carry my Ruger SP101 .357 Magnum but I prefer the Walther. It is thin, small and packs a punch (7+1).

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    I'm thinking of going to a Glock 30 (45 cal) for carry. Any pros or cons. Anyone have any experience good or bad, with these?

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    I carry my G30 on a daily basis in a Crossbreed Supertuck. I find it to be a good choice, quite concealable, and a good gun. I doubt tat you could go wrong with it.

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