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Thread: What Do You Carry?

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    Well I just bought another 1911!

    Ed Brown Special Forces I will be added that to my carry rotation after I put it through my CC test.

    CHL/CWP Classes
    DPS/BCI/NRA Certified Instructor

  3. S & W 642 .38 +P, in a Desantis pocket holster.

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    I carry the FNP .45 ACP in an Uncle Mikes vertical shoulder rig. I also carry a Charter Arms Undercover in a pocket holster for a bug. I realize some will say that is too big for a CCW weapon,but I was a corn fed baby and run 6'1" and about 275 lbs.. I have a 52 in chest so it fits under my shirt easily. In the summer months I usually wear a T shirt tucked in my blue jeans or kakhis with a square cut button up shirt unbuttoned.This has worked great since I have had a CCW license(1995). I love the FNP .45 ACP. I live in Columbia,SC which is the place that FN built their plant. I have worked inside the FNP plant on several occaisions when I was a commercial electrician. My company had a contract to install the equipment for a line of products they had recently bought. They have some of the brightest hardest working employees I have ever seen in a plant like theirs.It was a no brainer for me when it came to buying a decent pistol. FNH builds over 70% of the weapons our military uses when it comes to firearms.Before I bought the FNP I carried a Browning HI POWER in 9mm.

  5. AMT Hardballer. Carried a 1911 from the git go.

    I like the Nickel Satin Colt Commander for nostalgic reasons...

    This is the AMT with a new prototype SOB holster from Buffalo Holster company. Hybrid, leather/Kydex holsters for the 1911 and others including an awesome concealment rig and a belt slide with positive retention. Extra heavy duty. Holsters don't have to cost a fortune to be tough and comfortable.
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  6. Angry I carry

    Kel-tec- PF9
    Sig 232
    Hk usp compact 40
    ruger LCR 38spl
    HK-P30 9mm

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    It depends on where I'm going...
    Ed Brown Kobra Carry
    HK 9mm
    Seacamp .32

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    I generally carry a Kimber pistol, whether it be a kimber custom full size or a compact carry. I also carry two spare mags and a Streamlight strion LED. I also have junkyard dog from Kershaw that I carry in my pocket whether I have a gun on or not. The holster I use is a custom rig from Jerry Davis in Phoenix AZ and a galco belt.

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    My EDC is a Glock26. Currently my only pistol.
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    Kel-Tec P3AT most days. Sometimes the PF-9 on weekends. But there's an XD-45 or 9 (M) not far away most of the time as well.
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  11. I carry both my KelTec P-3AT and a Taurus PT 24/7 in 9mm. One can never be too prepared.

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