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Thread: What Do You Carry?

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    See picture below

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    Depending on the day and dress... sig220, M&P 40, or a Bersa thunder 380 for light clothing

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    A new horse in the barn......

    As I think I've already said, I have a number of sidearms that I carry daily, alternating about once a month to keep the ergonomic's familiar with each of them. When we carried revolvers, it was usually a Python for me, and those sweet guns will never be replaced IMHO. But I just traded into a Ruger SP101, and after the first 100 rounds of 125gr .357's, I think I have another one I'm gonna put into rotation. Action suits me, stock NIB, accuracy out to 15 yards was xlnt, and it is built like a rock. Will be adding a fiber optic front sight, but that's all I'm planning on. For a 2" snubby, all I can say is...........I wish I'd had it 30 years ago, before we transitioned to semi-autos.

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    Glock 23 in a Serpa holster. I love this gun!

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    what do you carry

    I carry my LCP ALL the time, and KeltekP11 while at work as well

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    Daily carry

    Steyr M40-A1 - great gun with rapid acquisition sights (trapezoidal). IWB or in a backpack (hidden pocket with quick access).

    Hornady Critical Defense .40 mixed with Georgia Arms .40 +P+ in alternating fashion.

    My wife is in the process of acquiring a S&W 627 .357. It will use Hornady CD ammo as well.

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    Daily carry

    Most times, I'm wearing a High Noon Slide Guard Holster with my MK9 Kahr, conceals easily and shoots any +P ammo I want...great accurate smooth shooter.

    If the weather is a tad colder, I'll change and wear my Kimber Ultra Carry II, also in a High Noon Slide Guard Holster.

    If it's really hot out, I can carry my LCP Ruger, either in my front pocket, (cargo shorts, with a pocket sleeve)...have no idea who made it...!!! Or I've got a Don Hume holster for OWB that makes the little gun disappear on my waist.

    Lastly, I'm trying to work myself up to carrying a Wilson Combat SS Bobtail Professional...4", just don't yet feel that I'm concealing it very well, unless I'm wearing a coat to help hide the bulge.

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    I used to carry my Rossi .38 then stepped up to a first Gen. Glock 17. now I carry an EAA Witness 10mm. It is a larger and heavier gun but with the right holster I have had no problem. If you need a good holster check this guy out. Fantastic work. H.B.E. Specialty LeatherWorks

  11. What I carry

    I have carried a Ruger p95 and a Kahr pm9 in the past. My favorite carry is a Ruger LCP. It is very reliable, comfortable and easy to conceal with normal fashon clothing. I carry all day and enjoy max. comfort and concelament with my weapon and holster selection.

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