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Thread: What Do You Carry?

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    Port Saint Joe, Florida, United States
    I carry a SIG P220R CARRY with CTC LASERGRIPS and night sights.
    My second choice would be a carbon copy of my current gun
    SIG P220 CARRY

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    Concealed carry choice

    There are probably as many different opinions as to the "best" concealed carry weapon as there are people who carry them. For myself, who owns more than a dozen different hand guns, I've come to prefer the tried and true Colt .38 Detective Spcl. in .38 Spcl. with a 2 1/2" barrel, hammer shroud, custom gripps and loaded with +P ammo. Semi-autos are all very well and good for combat situations but they've been known to jam at awkward moments. I'm also of the opinion that if you can't do what you have to do with 6 rounds then you probably can't do it with 13 rounds either and shouldn't be carrying a concealed weapon in the first place!

    Former Washington, DC, police official

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    Ages since I posted but - recently gave my SIG 226ST a break (after several years) and opted to switch to my 220, which in fit terms is fine in the same holster. It's a bit lighter than the 226 and as sweat not a problem in winter will not suffer from that!

    Capacity is down of course to 7+1 of .45acp compared with the 15+1 of 9mm. This also has CT grips like the 226 and is, being the same basic platform, an easy change. One other small bonus is that a single stack mag is that bit less bulky to tuck away if I decide to have a spare.
    Chris - P95
    NRA Certified Instructor & NRA Life Member.

    "To own a gun and assume that you are armed
    is like owning a piano and assuming that you are a musician!."

    If a BG dies as the result of pointing a gun at me, then he has merely succumbed to an occupational hazard of being a thug

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    30 years experience

    #1 it must go bang every time
    #2 you must hit what you aim for, every time
    #3 carry the same gun in same position every time (no searching for your gun allowed)
    #4 if you need more than 4 rounds, you are gonna be dead anyway.

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    Glock 29 fitted with a Viridian C5L, Lone Wolf upgrade barrel, and 3.5lb trigger connector - Big Daddy Claus.

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    Still P3AT is front pocket daily. Loaded with staggered FMJ/Corbon DPX rounds.

    While working or knocking around at home, I've started adding the XD-40 (M) or XD-45 to the belt in OWB Fobus at 3:00.
    "No one knows what it's like to be the bad man...." -The Who

  8. 1911A and/or Ruger SP101 3" Don;t want to come up short!!!!

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    Springfield xdm 3.8 9mm

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    I used to carry a Bersa 380 for along time...loved it...then I found the Kahr CW 40...put a Chrimpson Trace Laser sight on it and love it...the Kahr is comperarable in size and concealment to the Bersa...and steped up from the 380 to the 40...with an inside the pocket clip on black leather holster...still have to wear a cong shirt to conceal.

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    My daily "goin' to work" gun is an Armscor M206 with M200 plastic grips and a 3" barrel (yes, they are available), carried in a Hafner nylon OWB holster, alternately loaded with Buffalo Bore 125 grain +P's, PMC Starfire 125 grain +P's and Winchester PDX-1 130 grain +P's, and a Tuff Products Quickstrip in my pocket loaded the same way.

    It's big, it's heavy, I don't care if it gets knocked around, it's easy to manipulate with cold/sweaty/greasy (take your pick of two) hands and it goes bang every time. What else do you need?

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