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Thread: What Do You Carry?

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    also carry...

    I have posted before that I carry a Taurus 650. I also carry as my primary CCW, a S&W M60, Pro Series, .357 mag, 3 inch barrel, with wood grips. This is the sweetest feeling revolver I have ever held in my hand. I carry it in a Bell Charter Oak "Vice Versa" custom made pancake holster. Ammo: Hornady Critical Defense for .357 mag. I carry either a Safariland Speedloader or Tuff Quick Strips for extra ammo.

  3. depends on what im wearing. I carry a Ruger LCP w/crimson trace in my pocket, and I carry a XD40sc or a Beretta 96 in supertucks.

  4. It depends on the time of year and where I am going to some degree. I find that most of the time I carry my Para LDA C6.45, IWB.

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    I Carry an M1911A1 Officer's Model

    I carry a Rock Island Armory M1911A1 officer's model with Hornady Critical Defense ammo.

    I carry it in either a Fobus paddle holster, or an Israeli-made briefcase with a built-in holster.

  6. Most of the time I carry a S&W 38 special +P Bodyguard. Other times a Glock 9mm subcompact or my Texas Snake Slayer 45/410. I love them all and they all handle well and are easily concealible. Hard to choose which I like the best but to chose just one it would be the S&W Bodyguard. I carry it the most.


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    Thumbs up Everyday Carry Buffet

    I have three pistols that I like to carry, on different occasions.
    CZ82 9x18, all steel with Walnut grips. Sweet shooter and accurate...
    Taurus PT140, with 15-rnd mag from 24/7 Compact, better balanced...
    Glock 22 Gen3 that says it is all serious!

    I have IWB Kholster holsters for each of them that make carrying them a pleasure and never a pain. Best holster that I have found for CCW!
    USAF-Ret; NRA Life; CRPA Life; USA Carry Mbr;
    Oath Keepers Chrtr Mbr; USCCA Mbr; HGCA Mbr; Ret Former LEO

  8. 99.7% of the time what I'm carrying is my beloved Springfield XD40 subcompact loaded and chambered with Hornady Critical Defense .40 HP and carried in deep concealment in a Thunderwear holster. That other smidge of the time when I need an even smaller profile I carry a Taurus 738 .380 (which I like to think of as 9mm kurz) loaded and chambered with Federal Hydra-Shok. The Thunderwear holster is as fabulous as it is versatile and concealable. With three pockets you can even use this one holster for double carry.

    XD40 and Thunderwear. Ya just gotta get 'em 'n try 'em!

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    I carry a Springfield XD subcompact (3") tactical in .40 S&W. Pearce extensions on the standard mag (big load mag prints too bad). I LOVE IT!!! Funnily enough, my favorite holster is my cheapest (go figure), a Galco matrix M7X...

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    Quote Originally Posted by hp-hobo View Post
    I vote for potentially better projectile penetration and expansion due to increased velocity. It makes for a really bitchin' muzzle flash too.

    Better yet. How about you share your expertise and list all the reasons not to use it in a gun that's stucturally designed for it.
    Seems a waste of the extra pressure because you are not utilizing it in a short bbl. There is ammo made for short bbl handguns that would work much better due to faster burn time. Now I have never used +P in a short bbl but seems it would shoot high too. Does it not? I was not questioning that the gun was made to specs to use the ammo. Just seems it is not advantageous unless its a belly shot. Then I could see it. LOL! Now, when it comes to stuff like the old .38 spcl and maybe 9mm I can see that it is just a better modern round. However, I don't think its better to use than the short bbl ammo in a 2 to 3 inch bbl. Muzzle flash,, yeah I'll just bet! haha!
    Anyway to each his own. I only carry .45 or at the least a .40 and 4 inch bbl or larger.

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    CCW favorit pistol

    To: Sarge43

    As you so cogently say, "to each his own." The 1911 ACP is a superb battlefield weapon and IMHO far superior to any of the 9mm's. Personally, I find it a bit heavy and cumbersome for continuous civilian concealed carrying. Additionally, semi-autos are not unknown to jam at most inconvenient moments.

    If you will fire a +P .38 Spl. into a couple of back-to-back, large, wet phone books I think you'll find that you get all the penetration and expansion you could possibly want on a human target. Also, considering that the vast majority of civilian shooting exchanges are at a range of 7 yards or less, I don't think bullet drop is a major problem with a short barrelled .38 Spl.



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