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Thread: What Do You Carry?

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    XD 40 sub

  3. S&W 340pd

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    The XDs seem to be very popular, I've never shot one and I have never heard anything bad about them. I know of a brand new, NEVER been shot, still in the box, XD 45 GAP that is for sale. It includes a lifetime free repair/replacement guarantee. If someone is interested, let me know, it would be a real bargain for the buyer.

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    I carry my Sig P239 in 9mm every day, but I really like carrying my wife's Ruger LCP better because it's so small, light and easy to carry and conceal!
    Daily carry: Sig P239 or S&W 3913
    High Noon Horsehide holster
    Black Talon ammo

  6. I like my starr bm 9mm' 3 inch.and on occassion my blackhawk 4.75 inch .357

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    Beauty Pic of my EDC Gear, sans iPhone. I usually carry the iPhone in a holster at about 10 o'clock, the mag-pouch at 8 to 9 o'clock and the pistol at 3:30-ish to 5 o'clock.

    My two pistols. On the left is Dean, the XD-40SC (3" barrel) and on the right is Sam, XD-40 Service (4" barrel). The pistols are named for the two brothers on the TV Show "Supernatural".

    My rig is custom from a young fella at the forum DefensiveCarry.com who just graduated college in Huntsville, AL. The full rig was $55 shipped. I don't normally carry Sam (the full-size) as a CCW. When I do carry other than the custom rig, it's in a Blackhawk SERPA CQC as a pancake holster, normally just around the house. That or I sometimes wear my drop-leg around the house. Sam doesn't fit in the custom rig. :(

    I've also got a Mosin-Nagant, stamped 1942. The M-N is named Vanya. No decent pics of Vanya at this time, tho. It's a bit hard to conceal, so I haven't yet tried....
    Arkansas Concealed Carry Instructor #12-751

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    Now,call me paranoid,but i carry two Springfield 1911 TRPs,one for each hand.I do know of people who carry 3 guns though...
    I Love Nicki Minaj

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    I can vouch for the XD. I now have close to 1K rounds thru it and it has yet to have any issue at all. No FTF, FTE, jams, nothing whatsorever. It's even more dependable than my AK if that says something. I have been using various low price factory loads and a number of reloads, too.

  10. CC

    I CC a Glock 26 and keep a Glock 23 under the seat, and when I run, I wear a NAA.22 Mini revolver. I may be down on the ground but hopefully I could have the ultimate "surprise" close encounter. I am so glad I rediscovered this site, as a woman I sometimes feel very alone : )

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