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Thread: What Do You Carry?

  1. What do you carry on a daily basis?

    I carry a S&W Model 36 in an ankle holster, and love it actually.


  3. I carry either my Kel-tec PF-9, P-11 or P-32 depending on situation and weather. I us the belt clips sometimes or in waist holster other times.

  4. Just what you see. A glock 32. 357 sig. Love it. I first started carrying an XD-40. Then a Kimber custom II full size 1911. Then glock 19.

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    Springfield 1911 .45 most days, .40 Star Starfire on occassion.

    Molon Labe


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    I carry a HKP2000 SK LEM, a Glock 19 and sometimes a Beretta Tomcat as well.

  7. decisions decisions....

    During the summer I prefer stainless weapons since I've had trouble with corrosion after a short 16 hour shift on other metals/IWB... A pair of Taurus 605SS have grown on me.

    And the .357 revolvers are more comfortable for me to shoot than other pocket guns I own in 9mm, 45acp and even .380.. I like the federal personal defense loads.

    If I need deeper concealment I'll carry a PF-9 or Sigma380. In cold weather the Ruger P90 (cross draw or SOB) helps retain heat under my coat. :)
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    Carry Guns

    Wilson Custom CQB 4", .45 or Glock 27 depending upon clothes and weather.

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    I carry a Sig 229 in .40 caliber every day. Normally, it's in a Blade-Tech holster, but right now, it's in a Galco.

    When I carry a back up, I carry a Sig 226, but I don't normally carry a backup.
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    I prefer my Ruger SP101 with CTC laser grip carried in a Galco holster. Sometimes it's carried in a conceal vest. When it's hot, I carry a Walther PPK/S 380 which I just stick in my pocket.

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    Springfield XD-9 Sub Compact w/ Gold Dot +P Short Barrel cartridges, in a Don Hume Special Agent holster.

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