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Thread: What Do You Carry?

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    fully ceracoated Sig P225

  3. I carry a Glock 19 right now, but I am looking into the S&W Bodyguard 38spcl with laser. This looks like a great carry piece; light and powerful...

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    My favorite carry

    My preference is my .45 1911 Taurus or my .380 Colt Mustang. No hesitations 'cause they both work the same i.e., every time and exactly alike.

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    I carry a '58 Remington .44 c&b.

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    SIG P239 most of the time, SIG P229 sometimes. Both in .40 S&W.
    Southern National Congress
    NRA life, GOA Life, SAF life

  7. Couple Options:
    Beretta Px4 SC 9mm w/ crossbreed super tuck (winter) or smart carry (summer)
    Kel-Tec P3AT with Galco pocket holster

  8. What do I carry ?

    I carry a Smith and Wesson 4513tsw, in .45 cal. It's compact and packs a punch.

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    I keep it simple with a Colt Commander 80 series .45ACP in an "Uncle Mike's vertical shoulder holster on the left with a dual magazine pouch on the right. Yeah, it's pretty large to conceal but it would also be extremely intimidating for the fool who forced me to draw down on him.(I hope it never comes to that but, if it does, say good- bye a$$wipe)

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    G19 3rd Gen.......and whatever else I have room for.

  11. Kel Tec P-40 or Springfield XDm 40

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