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Thread: What Do You Carry?

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    Hi I carry a colt government model MK IV series 70 45 cal in a DeSantis holster
    or a Glock 26 in a blackhawk shoulder holster, I like the Glock 26 in the shoulder
    shoulder holster

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    Ruger SP101 357 magnum, 2"

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    Glock 27 with night sights, laser & extended magazine in a Blackhawk Serpa holster. Also, a Ruger LCP in a poly molded holster.

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    I carry a stoeger 9mm with a iwb holster I love this gun.

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    I've tried carrying my .357 S&W but it is too big for most clothing save my carry jacket which can carry most anything but is only useful in cold weather.
    My S&W model 39 9mm with a simple inside the trouser holster is my normal carry and with the ammunition carried I feel I'm fairly well armed without being weighed down or obvious that I'm carrying.
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    S&W Sigma 9mm, SW9VE. Simple, inexpensive and flawless.

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    Kimber Ultra Raptor .45 IWB around the 2:30 position seems to work the best for me for comfort, concealability, and draw speed.

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    Depends on the season, my wardrobe, and where I'm going. Could be my Sigma 9VE, KT PF9, Rossi 462, Taurus 85UL, or even my little PA HP22A. Usually it's some combination of these.

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    Mostly FS 1911. Sometimes I throw on the Walther P99

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    EDC..... Glock 26

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