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    I would like to know what everyones standard may be for their gun.
    Speaking mostly for 1911's ( how many rds do you feel you should put down range from your 1911 before you make it a carry piece?) I just got a new Springfield TRP and put a 180 rds down range it shot so accurate/smooth and flawless I want to carry it now. Would you?

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    A person should cary what they feel comfortable with and know how to use,I cary a Taurus 911 pro or a 357 snub nose,both small and easy to conceal.

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    A person should cary what they feel comfortable with and know how to use,I cary a Taurus 911 pro or a 357 snub nose,both small and easy to conceal.
    Thanks for the reply But what I'm looking for is how many rds do you put thru a new gun before you would trust it as a carry weapon? And really I'm referring to 1911's?

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    A couple of boxes of ammo. If there are no hick ups then after that make sure that any change in your carry ammo you try out first. Sometimes a gun will work great with certain ammo but have problems with others. Also try out all magazines you carry. A feeding problem can be because of a magazine.
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    I'm not a 1911 person, but Springfield is a dependable manufacturer and if it fired 180 rounds without a hiccup that would instill plenty of confidence in me that it will go bang on 181 if needed.

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    I carry a Kimber Ultra Carry II and I've got several hundred round nose through it without problems. As much as HP's cost it's hard for me to practice with them, but I would make sure I could fire at least 2 mags without any problems. I also try to shoot 3 HP's everytime I go to the range.

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    I've come across this question a lot on forums and in books and magazines. The general consensus from what I've read suggests that a person put 200 rounds of the ammo they plan on carrying through their gun. This is to test reliability and accuracy. This can be quite expensive, but you may end up betting your life on your gun/ammo combination.

    Manufacturers recommend a certain number of rounds for break in on some pistols. I have a Kahr CW9 and they recommend 200 rounds of regular ammo to break in the gun before you consider carrying it concealed.
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  9. A lot of people say 500 rounds to break in a 1911 and 200 rounds of your carry/duty ammo. I have a Kimber and haven't had any problems so I would say if you get 200 round of ball and a few mags of your carry ammo through it without an problems you would be good to go.

    This stems from the era when Colts had to be broken in. And even then most people shipped them off to a smith to be tinkered with.

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