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Thread: Leather or kydex

  1. I only wear leather when I am going to sweat which might be alot considering I like in the sunshine state. But I prefer Kydex.

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    I use Crossbreed Holsters, the best of both worlds.
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    Most of my holsters are leather, but I do have a couple of IWB kydex holsters because of how thin they are.

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    I use leather mainly because I just like the material. The look, smell, & feel. But, my brother has a kydex & it seems ok. I dunno, I might in the future, but I am happy for now. My mag holders are kydek though. They aren't bad, & and do remove easy enough, but I still prefer leather.
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  6. I prefer Fobus for carry and for IWB I carry a Glock 23 in a M-Tac Minitour holster IWB . This holster will completely conceal a pistol and you can tuck your T-shirt over it and nothing will show. After a while its like carrying a wallet, very comfortable. Go to COMP-Tac.com to view this holster. NRA Instructor

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    I have a Silent Thunder with leather lining - put me down for both.

  8. Give me a Galco IWB leather Royal Guard Holster anytime the most comfortable I've ever worn. Winter and Summer.

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    didn't see denim ...smart carry.
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    I use both, but prefer kydex .... cheaper. indestructible. perfect fit from new, no break-in involved. tons of paddle models available, which I prefer.
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    Leather. OWB Don Hume Agent 711 T.B. IWB H715-M T.B.
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