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    Anyone carry a P2000

    I posted in another thread that I may be selling my P2000. I like the gun, but I can't seem to carry it without it printing. If anyone has found a good holster or way of concealing it I'd love to know so I can keep the gun. Thanks for the help.
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    If it's a P2000 SK (subcompact) it should be at the upper limit of ready concealability but still possible. If it's a full size P2000 you may as well try to conceal an MP5. I'll have to admit my perceptions are clouded by living in Arizona where T-shirts and shorts are typical apparel. If you're in the land of parkas and overcoats, you could probably conceal just about anything.

  4. P2000 40s&w

    I carry a P2000 daily, I use the fist ultra thin kydex, it's comfortable doesn't sweat or scratch my gun. I have other holsters, but really like the Fist IWB, I use it year around and feel it conceals very well.

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    I have the SK model. As long as the weather is not to hot I carry most of the time in a Coranado vest so no problem there. When I do carry in a holster I just make sure my shirt is loose enough. With shorts and a pull over shirt in summer time I carry in a fanny pack. So for me printing has not been much of an issue.
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