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Thread: Good Sub-compact for the price

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    I'll second the Kel-Tec PF9. Inexpensive, shoots good and easy to conceal. Fantastic customer service and with a lifetime, no questions asked, just can't go wrong. I carried mine until I got my Kahr PM9 and now my Kahr PM45.
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  3. Quote Originally Posted by Comp_sH00tEr24 View Post
    I really love my beretta px4 subcompact 9mm. I shot an IDPA match with it last weekend and was amazed at the 1.5'' 3 shot group i put on target with it at 25yds from a kneeling position while leaning around a baracade. needless to say its extremely accurate for a 3incher, its my favorite carry gun for warmer weather.
    Good shooting! Berettas are very accurate. I know my 92FS is, at least.

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    +1 on the Glock 27. It's compact, powerful, and it's a Glock.

  5. I have the Keltec p11. 9mm, small, holds 10+1 rounds and can't beat the price at only $289.

  6. Kahr CW9 or Springfield xd9sc or Kahr PM9....least expensive to most expensive...400-700+
    I have all 3 but if I could have only one it'd be the CW9. I love the S'field and its capacity, but compared to the Kahrs it feels like a brick.

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    i just bought and fired a subcompact .40 xd and i love it. i carry a fullsize M&P in .40, but felt the xd was a better fit then the smaller m&p subcompact. find a range tha rents guns and test fire everything u can get ur hand on.

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    I have a Ruger LCP and it's very concealable and might be a good choice for your summer carry.

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    Lol - The Glockster is being preferential toward his Glocks once again. Glocks are good weapons, (Ugly but still good), but it is not the only weapon on the market. There are S&W's, Colts, Ruger, Taurus, Thompson, Browning, etc, etc, and so on. Seek out a FFL Dealer in your area and have him/her assist you in picking out one that fits you and your finances.

    Sorry Glockster... I know you meant well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ed Hamberger View Post
    Lol - The Glockster is being preferential toward his Glocks once again. Glocks are good weapons, (Ugly but still good)
    Not nearly as ugly as a 1911 or Browning High Power.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EdwardS View Post
    Kahr CW9 if you are looking at 9mm otherwise they have other calibers too. I've been searching for a small carry for the last few weeks and after going through a decent list that is the one I will most likely pick up. The early P series Kahr's seemed to have some problems; however, based on my research and speaking with actual owners the new versions as well as the CW series are extremely dependable. You just need to do that 200 round break in period but honestly if you are going to trust your life to a weapon you should have done more then 200 rounds in practice anyway. So the break in period doesn't really count in my books because I will be shooting more then that to build confidence, training, and proficiency. Remember it's not just your life on the line, it is also those you may be defending and innocent bystanders that could get caught by any strays.
    I was going to recommend the Kahr line. I have a Kahr CW 40 that I really like.

    But since you already own a Glock in .40, I would say get one of the small glocks. If I'm not mistaken you can use the same magazines in the smaller frame. So you carry the short magazine in the holster, and the larger ones for reloads. You're all set, and you don't have to relearn the controls.
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