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Thread: Good Sub-compact for the price

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    S&W 442 in the strong hand, and Glock 27 or Kel-Tec PF11 in the weak hand. Both hide well, and the revolver goes" bang" when you pull the misfeeds, no ejection problems,,if a misfire, just pull the trigger again and it goes bang.

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    The nice thing about the revolver, too, is no shell casings lying around with your finger prints on them.
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  4. Ever consider the ruger lcp? I know its just a .380 but if you will carry it every day it will be better than that glock on the dresser when your feeling like wearing your short shorts. Retail around here is 330, another .380 is the bersa (assuming your ok with the smaller caliber)
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    Quote Originally Posted by old salt View Post
    My full time carry is a Glock 27, 9+1 rounds of 180 JHP. WOW, love this gun.
    I see that you have a Glock 23 and a S&W 442 also. It's nice knowing I'll be carrying the same weapons as a Marine. I too have a S&W 442. My backup will be the Glock 27. Makes me a lot more comfortable about my decision.

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    In order of size:

    G27 and you'll think you're in heaven
    G29 is mighty fine
    G30 and you can (fill in the blank cause I can't think of a rhyme word)

    Oh yes, and the G27 is smaller than G23, G29 is same length but not as tall as G23 and G30 is a little bigger than G23

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    Had a P2000SK, hated the trigger (blistered my finger) plus they are VERY expensive. Now I have a Glock 26, fantastic reliability and low price (new or used).
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