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    I got my wife, mother (70 years young ), sister and brother in law all in the January concealed carry class. All passed and all have received their license in the mail in the last week. We are now going through the " Can you see this, am I printing " stage. lol....I just smile and tell them they are fine and in 30 days they wont even think about it. lord help the bad guy when the Wrights go out to dinner
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    Congrats on getting them packing. The more the better.
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    wolfhunter Guest
    My wife's application was mailed in mid-January, can't wait for her to start carrying.

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    Welcome and congrats..!

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    Congrats RDW and to the Wright family! My husband and I are a carrying family as well and our 14 year old son says he always feels protected too. Course, as soon as he is of legal age, I won't doubt he will be joining us.

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    Congrats to the W family, be safe ...............
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    Congrats,We need as many as we can get to carry.
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    Congrats! Itís nice knowing your loved ones have a way to defend themselves. I just retook the concealed class with one of my best friends last weekend also. The more the merrier! I think Florida is up over 800,000 active permits with a flood of new applications!
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    Good for you! If only I could get my wife to feel the same. She loves shooting, & is a crack shot. So, that's a first. I had her signed up for a ccw class, but she backed out @ the last minute saying she just didn't feel right carrying. I told her to get it & no time like the present, esp w/ what is going on politically. Better to have it & not carry, then not have it @ all. Someday, maybe.... But, congrats! To quote B.A. Barrabas from the A-Team "I pity tha foo!" if your fam goes out !!! Best wishes!
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